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GBS during pregnancy... anyone?

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clarebear1 Thu 13-Jan-11 16:10:55

I had a swab last week due to BV before pregnancy and the results came back that i have GBS. Shes leaving me an info pack to pick up tomorrow, but gave me a brief of what it is.
Im now totally thinking the worst, can anyone reassure me or has anyone else got/had it?


dikkertjedap Thu 13-Jan-11 16:15:22

I probably had it but was never tested. After dd was born she needed lots of intervention because they suspected group B strep. Was absolutely awful and if I had known it could all have been prevented.

hackneyzoo Thu 13-Jan-11 16:32:44

I have tested GBS+ and am currently pregnant with DC3. It hasn't effected me or my DCs, so far, in any way. On the advice of the MW I tested privately at 37 weeks each time as the NHS test is not as reliable. Each time test came back negative. I was able to have a HB and declined ABs. However, this is a very emotive subject on MN and I think a very personal choice to make.

My advice would be to read up on it and speak to your mw or consultant.

This sight is a useful source of info:

Group B Strep Support

There are lots of threads about it in pregnancy if you search the archives. Here's a recent thread

sh77 Thu 13-Jan-11 16:40:15

I was one of the very very rare cases where I had no symptoms of infection but my daughter passed away shortly after her birth from infection. I too was never tested.

Don't be freaked out by my experience as it
is so rare. However, that is the worst case scenario.

You know now that you have it and it can be dealt with. Arm yourself with info and have private swabs close to the birth.

clarebear1 Thu 13-Jan-11 17:05:29

Oh god sh77 so sorry to hear that :-(

Scaring myself reading stories online i think. A positive though is that ive found out i suppose.

Thanks for you replies

AmIGoingMad Thu 13-Jan-11 17:26:48

So sorry to hear about that sh77

I had a swab due to discharge- I think the midwife was expecting it to pick up a urine infection. She phoned me on Tues and said she wanted to come to discuss the reuslts with me rather than panicking me on the phone- of course I then panicked waiting for her to arrive.
She explained a bit about it to me and told me that it means that I need to present to hospital earlier than I would have otherwise to have IV antibiotics for half hour then further doses every 6 hours of labour. Then, when little one's born we'd need to stay in hospital for baby to be monitored for 48 hours.
I know not everyone opts for the antibiotics but now that I've thought about it, after the initial panicking I feel that I'm lucky that it happened to get picked up-as it doesn't always from this type of swab apparently and lots of women sadly don't know that this is an issue for them. It means that the antibiotics will hopefully prevent some infection (even though infection isn't guaranteed anyway in all cases) and also means that the baby doctors and midwives will know what signs they're looking for straight away.
I'm trying to think positively about it like that at the moment.
Hope that's of some help even though this is very new to me too.

clarebear1 Thu 13-Jan-11 17:39:27

Any info is help thanks.

Im 29 weeks atm, not booked in to see midwife for another 5 weeks so think i might book one sooner for a chat, put my mind at rest a bit more.

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