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Has anyone got pregnant with a short LP?

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Lettie70 Wed 12-Jan-11 15:32:13

This must be a common question on here but has anyone got pregnant with a 10/11 day luteal phase? I am sure if I go to my doctor she will tell me this isn't an issue, yet wherever I read, books, internet, they say this could be a problem. In the US I gather it is taken seriously.
I am taking B6 but not sure what to do after reassuring words!

Sparklies Wed 12-Jan-11 15:49:49

I have got pregnant 5 times (2 first trimester losses, two babies and this 23 week pregnancy) with an 8-10 day LP. I get it up to 10 days with the help of B6 and Agnus Castus, which also brings my ovulation forward and slightly more regular too.

The big concern with a short LP is that there isn't enough time for the embryo to implant before the period comes along, or that you don't have enough progesterone to support the pregnancy. Agnus Castus can help a little with that - when I haven't been on Agnus Castus I have miscarried, but never when I have been. It could be a coincidence of course!

Unfortunately they're not so keen on handing out progesterone in this country as they are in the US either. Clomid can help I believe as well, and a lot of doctors are okay with that here - assuming they believe in the LP defect that is. The eyerolls I've had when I've told doctors I chart and am 100% sure of both my O date and LP angry Yet my first trimester scans have always been spot on to the day.

Good luck!!

spilttheteaagain Wed 12-Jan-11 16:11:20

I have got pregnant twice with a 9-10 day LP. 1st time was the 3rd month of trying. This time a complete accident (so 1st try I guess!)

Good luck smile

Lettie70 Wed 12-Jan-11 16:12:33

Hey thanks Sparklies, this is a positive story that you extended it enough to get pregnant (sorry about your m/cs though). How long did it take ?
I do find it extraordinary with the rolling eyes, even a GP friend rolled her eyes at me when i mentioned it to her!
Out of interest , can they provide Clomid even if you ovulate?

ShowOfHands Wed 12-Jan-11 16:27:43

A luteal phase of 10-16 days is normal so your luteal phase isn't 'short'.

pinkclouds Wed 12-Jan-11 16:37:35

I have got pregnant 4 times and LP is 9 to 10 days. Never caused me a problem.


owlbooty Wed 12-Jan-11 16:43:23

I've also managed it with a 10/11 day LP which, as ShowofHands rightly says, is normal. Is definitely not an issue! Ignore Dr Google wink

Sparklies Wed 12-Jan-11 17:07:06

I am extremely lucky and get pregnant within 3-4 cycles generally - takes longer after a miscarriage as my cycles go seriously wonky (6 day LPs, really late ovulations etc). But outside of miscarriage recovery I've actually managed to conceive first month of trying blush three times now, and I'm now 34. Clearly my LP is not a problem at all, although I do swear by the agnus castus in reducing the risk of miscarriage for me. I spot and bleed horribly (nothing physically seen on ultrasound) throughout the first trimester regardless of outcome, especially around the times my period would be due so I know my hormones aren't ideal, but I have living children so they can't be all that bad.

One doctor was going to offer me Clomid after my second miscarriage, even though he knew I ovulated as a way of boosting my LP and progesterone in case it was responsible for my miscarriages. But I conceived DC2 successfully literally a week before the appointment so I never ended up taking it.

I think you'll be fine. 8/9 days is a lot more of a worry than 10 - that extra day really matters.

Lettie70 Wed 12-Jan-11 17:27:56

Hey thanks all and thanks Sparklies. I have heard mixed reports about Agnus but it is good it has worked for you. I do get concerned about messing with what might be a good system...although I doubt it after 9mths of trying!
That's intersting about Clomid. I think we will give it a few more months before pursuing help.

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