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Anyone trying to get a flu jab in the Exeter area?

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Froggy81 Tue 11-Jan-11 21:24:21

Hi all!

I've contacted my local surgery to get the flu jab after meeting my GP and her saying I could have it. Have called twice now and they keep saying they'll call me back, but... I'm still waiting since last week!!

Admittedly, I'm only six weeks but still, I work in a school and really don't fancy getting the flu!

Has anyone had a similar experience?

JBrd Tue 11-Jan-11 23:05:24

Yep, I'm waiting to hear back from my GP about the flu jab! They've run out and are trying (or so they say...) to get more vaccine, and as I'm pg I'm on the 'priority list'. Nothing happened so far, I can't get through because their line is always busy angry.

I'm in Cambridge.

Petalouda Wed 12-Jan-11 18:55:19

Hey Froggy!

I also work at an Exeter school! I won't ask which one you're at, since your only 6 weeks you probably wouldn't want to be 'outed' yet (if ever!)! (but I'll be eyeing up my colleagues suspiciously tomorrow!)

Another colleague and I were both able to have flu jabs over the xmas hol. So they are around.

I reckon just keep badgering the docs. Keep trying them every day until you get somewhere. Or go and speak to the chemist?

Good luck!

Froggy81 Wed 12-Jan-11 19:27:48

@ Petalouda: he he he, your post made me laugh.

Actually, they've called me today to make an appointment! Maybe someone in the surgery read my comment!

Now it's the opportunity for me to ask another question: if you're further along, have any of you had any stabbing stomach pains and spotting (didn't have any at all until now). Am really worried. It's my first so am probably overeacting.

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