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Movement at 18 wk with 3rd baby?

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Mummyto2xx Tue 11-Jan-11 14:20:34

Im now 18week and havent felt my baby move ( i thought i had a few weeks ago but now seems to have stopped) its weird cos i dont even feel pregnant and half off the time i can even feel the baby inside unless im laid in bed in the morning then he tends to stick him self out just wundering if any of you feel like this and if you can feel your little one moving about yet?
i know a lot of people and things you read tend to say you feel them earlier the more babies you have, but i wouldnt say this is the case for me :0(

starting to worry my self a bit would love to hear you opinions and views on this pleaseeee thanks look forward to hearing back from use

tel1 Tue 11-Jan-11 16:51:13

18 weeks is still very early, and depends on how its laying. I didn't feel anything with first dc until after 23 weeks, and I'm sure it was pretty late with dc2.... when's your next midwife appointment? as then you will hear the heart beat.... if ages away just book an appointment with her anyway, just for reassurance.... but don't worry about it. Unfortunately nature has more telling signs if something is wrong...

oh4goodnesssake Tue 11-Jan-11 17:21:53

I understand your concern. I was sure that I felt the baby moving at about 12 weeks and then it all went quiet. I was starting to dread my 20 week scan this week (I'm 21 weeks with 3rd) but since last night it has started jumping about all over the place! It may depend on where your placenta is and if you have any scar tissue from previous CS. Try not to worry, everyone is different and the chances of anything being wrong are very small.

BackOnceAgain Tue 11-Jan-11 17:34:32

Hey there just seen this, without question contact your midwife, she can bring a Doppler and listen in for heartbeat. Don't sit there worrying for no reason, not good for anyone, especially you smile

monkey32 Tue 11-Jan-11 17:43:06

I too am pregnant with DC3. I am nearly 21 weeks and have only started feeling movement in the past week or so. I felt lots of movement from week 15/16 with DC2 so was worried like you. I have discovered that I have an anterior placenta which definitely cushions the kicks. I have also found out that I'm having a boy. DC1 was a boy and hardly ever kicked. DC2 was a girl and kicked like mad so I guess this little one is like his brother!

I have rented a doppler which I find immensely reassuring. I know people say it can be a risky tactic as you won't necessarily be able to find the heartbeat but I've managed to find it pretty quickly each time.

Mummyto2xx Wed 12-Jan-11 09:39:02

hi thanks for ur replies :0) its reasurring to know other people are going through the same thing,
i have a doppler that my sister has kindly lent me and its great and reasurring to hear that the baby is ok i guess hes just lazy lol typical bloke ha
sometimes i takes me a whle to find his hearbeat but once find the spot can defintly hear him, :0) Might go have a listen in a minute havent tried today yet, i go for my 20 wwek scan a week on mondayspo looking forward to that to see everythings ok,

i dont have my next midwife apop till end of march was 12 weeks from my last app i had which i find very strange with my last 2 children i saw the midwife a lot more but that was like 7 yrs and 12 yrs ago so things have defintly changed,

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