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feel movement then feel no movement

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bellalu Mon 10-Jan-11 13:51:30

Am coming up to the final trimester, 26 weeks today... week before last I was feeling a lot of movement which at times was very strong then the last couple of weeks slight quivers and not much at all... is this normal..? I was told my placenta was at the front so that would be why I wouldnt feel as much to start with but now as I had so much am quietly worried that I am not feeling so much... my husband says I am paranoid..and not to worry.. anyone out there have any advice, I have my check up week after next but feels like a long way away..

sh77 Mon 10-Jan-11 13:56:11

I went through this around 25 weeks and till do (now 30 weeks) - baby would have quiet days and then would be quite busy when I expected him to be. On quiet days, I would have to poke him and he would respond. But he is getting more and more active. I asked MW about movements and she said to call labour ward if worried.

daisystone Mon 10-Jan-11 14:13:28

I had an anterior placenta (at the front) and never felt that much movement. I felt her a bit more when I was lying on my side and occasionally I would get a wiggle or a prod at other times but nothing major. Towards the end I felt hardly anything but you get used to what is normal FOR YOU and you shouldn't compare it to others as they are in a different boat.

However, if things don't feel normal for you then call the hospital. I didn't feel my DD over one weekend and by Monday morning I was stressing, so I called the hospital and they put me through the the senior midwife who was lovely. I was worried I would be bothering her and she would think me hysterical but that was not the case. She got me an appointment to come in straight away and be monitored. I went straight to the hospital where they hooked me up on an ECG and when there was not much movement on that, they got me scanned immediately too. That was where it was discovered by the sonographer that I had polyhydrammnios which is where you have a lot of ammniotic fluid. I then saw a constulant straight after (great service!) who said that the polyhydrammnios and the anterior placenta would both deaden the movement and this was totally normal. The condition meant that labour might be harder for me and that I might bleed out more or equally it could have no problems at all. I did have a lot of bleeding and there were some problems with the birth but there you go.

I suppose I am saying that if it doesn't feel normal that you are not feeling her then call the hospital. You would feel awful if something were wrong and you didn't call. Do remember though that an anterior placenta means you feel much less than others so don't comapare yourself to other pregnant women if they say they feel kicking all the time! Always go on what is normal for you.

Mahraih Mon 10-Jan-11 14:27:17

I had an issue similar to this: baby was very, very active and then for about 3 days was much less active.

Phoned labour ward at 10pm at night as had just drunk an , poked him etc and had no movement (all good ideas btw, my baby usually responds to all those things, and you can get him high on sugar if you have a big glass of OJ, which encourages movement). They told me to come in, and once there I got a bollocking for leaving it so long!

I had still been getting ten kicks per day, but that wasn't normal for MY BABY and that's what they said mattered. If it's weird for you, she said, give them a call. Midwife was extremely supportive and said she'd rather have me (and every other pregnant woman!) in there every day and it be nothing, than me waiting until I panicked and it be something.

If you're worried, give them a call, explain the situation and ask to go in for an assessment. They hooked me up to the machine for half an hour and it was great! They strap the bump, which really sets off the baby as they hate it, so we had half an hour of the strongest kicking ever, really helped set our minds at ease.

Like other women on here, I'm also saying that if you think it's weird for YOU, go in and get it checked. The worst that can happen is that they'll say you're worrying a bit too much, and put your mind at ease.

lilly13 Mon 10-Jan-11 18:35:42

Hi, I am 23 weeks and have been experiencing the same. There are times when the baby is very active (usually after I do yoga, swim or have a large meal), but there are also times when there is no movement at all. I get extremely worried and my DH listens to my stomach. Apparently, one can hear the baby this way (well, DH claims he does! smile). My pregnancy book says that from 28 weeks onwards one must hear at least 10 movements per day (it suggests recording each movement) and if there are days when less than 10 movements have been observed, one must contact a healthcare practicioner... I think you still have a couple of weeks to go.

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