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Inverted nipples and Breast feeding help needed please.

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tlise Mon 10-Jan-11 09:52:23

title says it all really. I tried with my eldest but he wouldn't/couldn't latch on, so it resulted in 4 weeks of continuous expressing and feeding which I swore would never do again as it about killed me. Even the midwife was begging me to give up and put him on the bottle and thats what I have stuck to ever since.

this one though being the last I seem to have the desire more than ever to try again, and whilst sometimes they come out, since I have been pregnant, and obviously boobs are bigger, they are showing no signs of wanting to play.

What I would like to know, there are more than just me out there with them, has anyone managed to successfully BF even if its just with aids?

I have seen some Medela contact nipple shields, which it says are good for inverted nipples, but not to be used permanantly as can reduce sensation, does anyone know if they are any good before I order them? Plus they come in 3 sizes, so wasn't sure which one to go for.

faverolles Mon 10-Jan-11 13:02:39

Sorry, I don't have any advice, but if you post this in the breastfeeding topic, I'm sure there'll be someone there who can help you

BrigitBigKnickers Mon 10-Jan-11 13:22:18

Both of my nipples were inverted before I had my first DD.

I did struggle to breast feed to start with but with the help of nipple shields they gradually started to pop out more, the more I fed. After a few weeks I didn't need them any more. (Can't say I lost sensation either)

When my second DD was born it was much easier and I didn't need to use them at all.

I have heard some women found this useful.

Carikube Mon 10-Jan-11 13:46:38

I had a hard time feeding DD1 and ended up giving up at 6 weeks after what felt like a nightmare time.

DD2 has been a completely different experience; firstly, she seems to 'get' feeding much better than DD1 and so was v efficient at it from birth (10-15 mins max versus 45 mins a feed for DD1). Also I have only ever offered one side each feed this time so that my nipples had more time to recover. The biggest help was a no-nonsense MW who came round when DD2 was only a few days old and told me in no uncertain terms that inverted nipples should make no difference whatsoever and that the only problems will be related to latch. Since her visit (and her copious squidging of my boobs) I haven't had any problems. There was still some discomfort in the early days but DD2 is now 7 months and we are still going strong.

I had tried the nipplette and also the Medela nipple formers this time round but they made no difference apart from making me uncomfortable. I used nipple shields with DD1 and still got in a knot and so since seeing this MW (I think DD2 was 3 days at the time) I haven't used anything else apart from Lansinoh.

Good luck!

tlise Mon 10-Jan-11 13:46:54

Thanks Brigit looked at them but doesn't recommend the last couple of months cos of leaking, which I am already. I tried all sorts with DS1, none worked, was just hoping there might be progress by now as he is 17 lol.

Faverolles good idea thanks, forgot there are other boards but this one

tlise Mon 10-Jan-11 13:48:49

Thanks Carikube I can remember mine grabbing hold of them and saying the same thing, but it was maybe just partly him as well lol.

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