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T4 levels in pregnancy

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daisylala Fri 07-Jan-11 16:55:54

Hi - I have just received my thyroid blood test results and from the start of the first trimester to the end, my T4 levels have dropped from 17 to 9. TSH remains very low, under 0.5 Because the TSH is low, they are reluctant to increase my throxine, but I was always led to believe that T4 should be at the upper end of the range in pregnancy, especially in the early days. Can anyone advise ?

Also, is anyone under a good thyroid doctor during pregnancy (near London) who you would recommend if I wanted to seek a second opinion ?

Thanks !

hhg Sat 08-Jan-11 10:47:27

Hi, have a look at the TTC or pregnant with under active thyroid thread - on conception.
when TTC or pregnant TSH should be under 2. T4 of 9 does seem a bi low though

Zafnoodles Sat 08-Jan-11 14:15:25

Drs tend to look at TSH in pregnancy rather than T4 - but this can be completely misleading if your hypothyroidism is secondary rather than primary (ie due to pituitary rather than thyroid gland). I would ask to be put on an extra 25 micrograms as a trial. A T4 level of 9 is well below the lower limit of the reference scale.

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