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Just a good old moan!

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FaerieBeck Thu 06-Jan-11 18:16:55

Hi All

I'm new to mumsnet and joined after going to a completely soul destroying physio appointment at hospital for SPD. Really, I know everyone gets pelvic discomfort/pain at some point in their pregnancy but I'm totally at the end of my tether with mine. I've had to wait until 33 weeks to get a physio referal due to a mix up with paper work and have been struggling with the most excruciating pubic bone pain since week 20 (as well as the cramps in my hips and buttocks and back at night which I'm sure everyone knows and loves). I don't know whether I'm the only one who thinks like this, but after the out come of my group physio appointment, I'm left thinking, why aren't we just told when we report how we feel "it's painful, it's likely to get worse, we can't do anything to treat it and really you just have to grit your teeth and put up with it!"? At least that way I wouldn't have spent the last few weeks desparate for this appointment thinking it was going to help me in some way. Okay, rant over! Feeling much better now, thank you, and seriously looking forward to my little baby being born, despite the SPD!

BlingLoving Thu 06-Jan-11 18:22:40

I really feel your pain, I really really do. And the attitude that, "oh well, it's one of those things, suck it up" drives me crazy.

I had terrible pain as a result of pelvic instability, starting at about 15 weeks. I saw a chiropractor (against the advice of my midwife, whose helpful suggestion was, "there's nothing you can do, it's sciatica") and she helped me soo much.

Is there anyway you could afford a private chiropractor for some help. It's not instant, but after two sessions I started to improve and after 4 it was immensely improved. I asked her on my fifth session what would have happened without treatment and she said it would have probably got worse, and then if I was lucky, may have slowly improved.

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