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My friend just told me she was expecting her 3rd and....

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Summerfruit Tue 04-Jan-11 16:18:52

I had a very bizzare reaction ! I have 2 dcs and unfortunately not planning on having another one. DH is having the snip in a couple of weeks. When she announced me for her 1rst, I was crying of joy, same for the second. When she told about her third, I was in shock and tears in my eyes but not of joy, jealousy !!!! Am I normal ? I mean I'm still very happy for her but I became completely stiff and unable to talk. Why ??? Then I went home, called my dh and bursted into tears when I told him. I didnt expect that reaction from myself and I'm very confused !! I mean if I could I would have another one but for a lots of reasons it is not possible. I'm feeling awful with my reaction. Anyone experienced it before ??

KindleTheSky Tue 04-Jan-11 16:20:11

yes its normal smile

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