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Can amniotic fluid be yellow?

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sum04 Mon 03-Jan-11 21:57:37

Can amniotic fluid be yellow?

pooka Mon 03-Jan-11 21:59:59

Think can be described as "straw coloured". In my book that means yellowish (pale).

But then so is pee....

pooka Mon 03-Jan-11 22:00:28

Apparently it has a sweet smell.

EColi Mon 03-Jan-11 22:01:02

Yes, it's normally described as 'straw coloured', can be deeper yellow/orange or even brown in some cases.

pooka Mon 03-Jan-11 22:05:18

Can have a greenish tinge if meconium in waters. I think.

ISNT Mon 03-Jan-11 22:15:46

Is everything OK?

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