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Weird sensations at 14 wks - could they be braxton hicks???

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OhLoueyTownofBethlehem Sun 02-Jan-11 10:34:19

I'm 14+4 today and for the past week I've been having odd sensations low down in my tummy. At first I thought it was the baby turning round. However, the last couple of nights it's been more frequent. Last night I was in bed concentrating on what it felt like and realised that it was sort of like a tightening which got progressively tighter over a period of about a minute and then went away again. I had quite a few in succession last night. Could they be braxton hicks or is it too early for these. If not then what could it be.

Although I have had twins already, I had no braxton hicks or cx In that pg as I ended up with a section due to pre-e so I have no idea what they feel like.

hazchem Sun 02-Jan-11 10:47:20

It could be Braxton Hicks which occur from quite early in pregnancy but you don't always feel them. the other thing it could be is your ligaments streaching. It doesn't sound like anythign to worry about but check with your midwife when you see them next.

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