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problem detected at 20 week scan

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chester21 Sat 01-Jan-11 23:36:27

hi all hope u r all well.

well as the thread title says i went for my 20 week scan just before xmas and we are team blue!!

BUT my little boy is absolutely perfect in everyway apart from they detected a pocket of fluid on one of his lungs, we assumed it had something to do with a rotten cold i had the previous week so we got some bloods done and to be on the safe side we had another scan 7 days later with a consultant .

the second scan showed that the pocket of fluid is still there and that the bloods all came back negitive for infection or virus. I am trying so hard not to worry about it and that it will all sort it self out but i cant shake this feeling of what if's from my head.

We have another scan next thursday to compare measurements of the fluid, but no one has any clue what it could be.

Has any of u other mums been in the same/similar situation and of so what did u do and what was the outcome. This is my ffirst pregnancy so i am probably over wworrying.

smoggii Sun 02-Jan-11 01:11:59

I'm sorry i can't offer any advice but i didn't want to read and run. Sending you positive vibes for your next scan, I hope all will be well.

Fingers crossed someone will be along soon with some advice x

chester21 Sun 02-Jan-11 19:55:52

thank you smoggii this is the third scan now we r under consultant care so hopefully with these measurements we should get a clear picture of whats going on

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