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Went to hopsital yesterday really bad backache that would not go away

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Scruffyhound Sat 01-Jan-11 21:02:31

Went to hospital with really bad lower back ache and then my tummy was tight. Think braxton hicks? I went as my back would not let up for about 4 hours. Ended up with a consultant looking up my bits and a high viginal swab taken. Sent home with antibiotics and painkillers. Weird! Never had that with first baby. Felt like very early labour. Anyone else felt like this?

ellesbelles79 Sun 02-Jan-11 03:20:06

well if you were given antibiotics docs must think it could be a UTI...that often causes some pain. Make sure you take them just to be on safe side and drink plenty of water. You can get Braxton Hicks when dehydrated so that might also help if you drink more liquids..

MrsShrekTheThird Sun 02-Jan-11 03:25:31

I had water infections with all of my pgs and they caused the kind of aches and contractions you describe. ditto what elles said about loads of drinks! Get as much rest as you can too.

Scruffyhound Sun 02-Jan-11 15:53:29

Thanks you guys. I felt so silly I was sure something was going on! Felt like early labour. Im taking antibiotics and will see. The consultant thought it was prob not a UTI as the pain was too low down but put me on them as a precaution. I had a course of antibiotics a while ago as he doc found some things in my urine. It was sent off for testing and they found nothing. I have heard of results not being normal in pregnancy and there not being anything wrong with urine. I will try and drink more water. Did not know you can get braxton hicks when dehydrated. So thats good info thanks again.

NorkilyChallenged Sun 02-Jan-11 16:34:56

Oh this is so interesting as I'm here to look at threads about back ache and pains/braxton hicks, I'm 21 weeks and have really bad backache today along with BH...

now will go and google uti in pregnancy

Scruffyhound Sun 02-Jan-11 22:07:09

Have a look I rang up the labour ward and asked their advise and they said it could be a UTI when I rang and spoke to someone. They were so nice to me. I felt so stupid!! My back was hurting and did not think it was that bad until I was pressing it up against the work surface to put pressure on it to ease the pain grin

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