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STUNNEDBUTHAPPY Sat 01-Jan-11 13:52:30

Hi there. I am 43 and am 5 weeks pregnant. I have had chronic back ache throughout this young pregnancy. Last night however the back pain was unbearable and I couldn't walk cos of the pain. I had had sex (sorry if too much information) in the afternoon and in the evening there was very pale pink when I wiped on going to the loo. My boobs are not so sore either. Am I losing this baby?

jasmine51 Sat 01-Jan-11 16:12:02

Hi stunned
Its very difficult to generalise but at 5 weeks all sorts of pains are going on, stretching of ligaments, back pains, cramps etc. What I can tell you is that, in my experience, mcs dont start with pain, they start with some spotting which might continue for some time before the mc kicks in properly and then the big cramps start and you will know about it.
Pale pink streaking at your stage in pg could be due to sex, could be implantation bleeding or something that will develop. The back pain might have no connection, it could be ligament softening, it could be a UTI or it could be something worse.
I know its unbearable to wait and see, every minute seems like a day at 5 wks but theres really not much else you can do except see if the bleeding stops. You could try calling your local EPU but at 5 weeks they could handle you in 2 ways - either tell you its too early to tell anything on a scan and go home and wait...or they could get you in and check your HCG levels - this seems to depend very much on your local NHS policy.

I hope for your sake that the bleeding stops and everything proceeds happily. Take it very easy, try not to read too much into every pain...but if it becomes severe do go and see your GP. keeping fingers crossed for you

jazz412 Mon 03-Jan-11 13:04:57

I'm also worried that I may be miscarrying, I had a miscarriage last year and really don't want to go through it again (I'm sure no one does!) I haven't had any bleeding but I'm having crampy feelings and almost periody sensations I'm hoping that as previous poster says it's normal but I'm so paranoid it's not that I'm quite scared to go to the loo and push a poo (TMI!) or cough or anything!!
Does anyone have any experience of mild crampy aches in lower tummy at 4-5weeks??
Thanks xxxx

incyspider Mon 03-Jan-11 14:18:15

jazz412 I'm currently 23 weeks and can remember vividly worrying at 5 weeks about period like pains. From my own experience and others on MN I think its quite normal. Congrats on your pregnancy!

jazz412 Mon 03-Jan-11 14:50:15

yayyyyyy!!! thank you so much incy spider - what's it like being 23 weeks? I've a long way to go! Took another clearblue digi test today and it said I'm 5+ weeks so excited but wish I was where you are in your pregnancy! What kind of pains did you experience?
thankyou for the reply! I can now poo in peace (!) xxx

lilysma Mon 03-Jan-11 14:50:24

Hi there stunned, as jasmine says there's really no way of knowing for sure at this stage, but FWIW I had quite strong cramps and backache for the first 2-3 weeks of this pregnancy (now 11 weeks) and it did just settle down. It was particularly bad if I stood up for any length of time but didn't go away when I lay down. I was sure it was bad news and was in a complete state, but had a scan showing heart beat at 8 weeks and am now (nervously) awaiting my 12 week scan next week.

I didn't have any spotting though, but with DD (now 4) I did have a couple of days of brown spotting. Apparently pinkish discharge is quite common after sex in pregnancy because the cervix is different and it can get knocked during sex and bleed a little (very much a lay description!)

So try to hang on in there and remember you are pregnant until proven otherwise! Good luck and let us know how you get on.

incyspider Mon 03-Jan-11 15:07:36

Jazz412 I personal messaged you so that we didn't hijack stunned thread. I want to wish the both of you good luck with your pregnancies!

ledkr Mon 03-Jan-11 15:11:28

i had that with last 2 pgs was less worried with this one as had had it before.Sometimes i took a couple of paracetamol just to forget it for a bit,both times it went off after week 12 i am due in 4 wks now,i am also 43.Best of luck my friend.

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