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can anybody help please does this sound like a uti to you?

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starynight Sat 01-Jan-11 13:28:24

Hi im 32 weeks pregnant had lower back ache on my right hand side all night and woke this morning with it still there and pains in the upper half of my tummy. My wee is also starting to feel like its burning a little and i feel a little warm in myself?

Have spoke to a midwife on the phone this morning but all she said was to keep drinking plenty and if the pain worsens to see my g.p. she did sound a little miffed that the pain was in the top of my tummy and not the bottom and asked if i felt like i was in labour wich i dont but i feel rotten.


3littlefrogs Sat 01-Jan-11 13:31:58

It does sound like a UTI. Can you get some cranberry juice?

If it gets worse you should get in touch with OOH or NHS direct. UTI in pregnancy shouldn't be neglected.

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