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a bit of an embarassing one!

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nello Sat 01-Jan-11 11:39:41

I am now about 29 weeks and over the last couple of weeks have noticed that the outer lips of my vagina are swelling up. They are not painful, but a little bit uncomfortable. No other symptoms at all. It is not all the time and they do change throughout the day. Has any one else experienced anything similar in pregnancy? Is it anything to be worried about or is it to do with increased blood flow and pressure? Seeing my doctor in a week so will ask him then, but hoping for some reasurance in the meantime! Thanks

bulby Sat 01-Jan-11 11:43:56

I had this and found nothing about it in pregnancy books. I eventually found a couple of Americans on the web describing it ad 'hamburger pants' so I assumed it happened to other people.

Tysonandthehouseelves86 Sat 01-Jan-11 11:45:56

I had it and it went away straight after giving birth. Think its the extra fluid in your body, its perfectly normal

Lulumaam Sat 01-Jan-11 11:46:37

it could be swelling/fluid as the pressure increases ,, you might get a vulval varicose vein., normal but uncomfy. you could try wearing a sanitary pad to sort of support the area if it is a bit uncomfy

nello Sat 01-Jan-11 17:12:29

thanks, feeling reasured!

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