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clexane - stopping in 10 days and v. scared

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bb99 Fri 31-Dec-10 23:19:28


background: 1 dc, 1 lmc, 1 emc, 1 dc (on aspirin), 1 lmc (on aspirin) now nearly 36 wks pg with use of daily clexane.

Now I am being advised to stop the clexane from 37 weeks (they've extended usual guidelines as I am a bit worried about stopping) due to increased risk of bleeding during delivery and also placental abruption / bleeding.

V. v. worried that the baby will 'conk out' once the clexane stops and I'll wind up going through a full labour with nothing to look forward to but another funeral with a tiny coffin sad

I've been told to monitor movements once the clexane stops and that all 'should' be well as the placenta is now fully formed (as far as we can tell we lost the 2 LMC babies due to placental insufficiency and poor implantation) but it's quite terrifying....

Anyone with any lovely stories / reassuring words please...?

Helloginger Sat 01-Jan-11 00:21:42

As I type, I'm in hospital, looking at my 3 day old twins. I'm on 40mg and had to skip a dose on the day before delivery and then restart. I'm under the care of the cons haematologist and he says I've got to stay on it 6 weeks post partum.
I had the same protocol with my son, who was also fine. Both times I had planned c sections, but you can deliver vaginally too, they just like you to have left 12 hours between your clexane dose and any spinal anaesthetic. Hope that helps!

Casmama Sat 01-Jan-11 00:26:20

I second Hellogingers tale. I was on clexane right up until the day I went in and found out that I needed to be induced. In your position I would push to stay on it, with the proviso that if labour progresses very quickly after you have taken your dose then you may not be able to have an epidural.
(My history is that I had a previous dvt and have Factor V Leiden) I would ask them to explain again why you have to stop. Good luck

midori1999 Sat 01-Jan-11 02:19:31

I was on clexane twice daily in my last pregnancy after I got bi-lateral pulmonary emboli at 21 weeks. I delivered just before 24 weeks and although the morning I realised I was in labour I missed a dose, I had had two 80mg shots the day before and had a 40mg the night I had given birth. Gradually went back up to 80mg over three days. I had been told ot keep taking it until I knew I was in labour, but had been in hospital anyway when I went into labour.

I am now pregnant again and am on 60mg clexane once daily and 75mg of asprin. I have been told I will stay on it until I go into labour, then resume afterwards for six weeks. Pretty much what happened last time.

I had been told I wouldn't be able to have an epidural, but otherwise the birth was normal (twins) and I didn't bleed anymore than my previous births (3 of them) and had no complications.

I too would be terrified if I had to come off the clexane, but as I also have a blood disorder they won't ask me to. I think I'd probably ask to stay on it in your situation, but you might have to push for it.

FudgeGirl Sat 01-Jan-11 02:30:47

My BF was on Clexane and was in ITU for bilateral PUs for two weeks at 30 weeks, delivered at 34 weeks emergency CS less than 24 hours after her last dose - my second GD is now five months and perfect, as is her mum.

It will be ok x x x

bb99 Sat 01-Jan-11 13:14:33

many thanks - I think they want me to come off as I'm on it not for my health, no problems with DVTs or clots (fortunately) but because it was supposed to stop the placenta being broken by my body IYSWIM and now the placentas are 'fully formed' there shouldn't be any problems. I'm just terrified they're wrong and would happily forgo an epidural (did the last one on gas and air) if they'd let me stay on it.

They haven't exactly pinned down why the other babies died, other than poor implantation and trophoblast cell development. Possibly due to having extra thin blood, or an overactive immune system - they just know it wasn't Hughes syndrome or anything else obvious, just lots of clots in the placentas - hence my fear that once I stop clexane, the placentas will clot and that's not really condusive to any sort of posative outcome (wibble, wobble).

As this really is the last time I can emotionally cope with being pg and I am getting on a bit, it's really a last gasp at it all...

Congrats to all you ladies and your wonderful bundles and thanks for the reassuring words.

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