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anyone had obstetric cholestasis?

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Manicmummyhavinabiccy Fri 31-Dec-10 19:16:20

I'm being tested for obstetric cholestasis, as am VERY itchy, I think I had it with my previous 2 pregnancys, as had excese bile, liver blood tests but no one ever told me that I had it, i just interprited the notes myself!
But what I would like to know is, what were your symptoms part from itching? as that all I can find on it and was you induced?

clarabellarocks Fri 31-Dec-10 21:40:41

One of my friends did - she didn't get any itching but was very swollen - hands and feet and ankles.

DanceInTheDark Fri 31-Dec-10 21:43:34

Yes, it's hell. ALthough my levels were extremely high. OC is characterised by itching - swelling of hands and feet is something else.

Where are you itchy OP?

DanceInTheDark Fri 31-Dec-10 21:46:51


clarabellarocks Sat 01-Jan-11 22:54:33

Hi, sorry Danceinthedark - yes swelling is sign of preeclampsia which is why my friend was sent for tests but turned out she had OC and baby induced at 37 weeks, so must be related.

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