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when did your morning sickness stop?

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fallingandlaughing Thu 30-Dec-10 21:31:40

Well I was on here a few weeks ago moaning about my lack of morning sickness. As assured by some posters, I did go on to develop it grin Think I got lucky as it seemed mild, never actually vomited.

Anyway I am 10+5 now (officially, though I think I'm 11w today). Haven't felt sick for the last few days. Have had a cold which may be disguising it. So, stopping morning sickness at 10w - early, late, normal? Thanks.

cowboylover Thu 30-Dec-10 21:33:55

I dont think there is a normal as so far it started at 7 weeks stopped at 10, started again at 15 weeks and still on and off now at 21!

Pootle78 Thu 30-Dec-10 21:41:26

Continued to 26 weeks, stopped for a bit and then kicks in every now and then (now 36 weeks)

Everyone at 16 weeks was telling me it should have stopped (although quite obviously hadn't!)

Kentmummy Thu 30-Dec-10 21:48:13

There is no normal I don't think. I felt nauseous from 7 weeks and then threw up every morning and evening until 16 weeks. My SIL was as sick as a dog thoughout her PG and my friend never had a single symptom at all in her PG.
I did read that your hormone levels start to drop at around 10 weeks when the placenta begins to take over, so if there is a normal time to stop feeling sick I guess it would be then!
Hope it doesnt return for you.

Muser Thu 30-Dec-10 22:18:38

According to everyone I have ever spoken to, morning sickness should stop about 2 weeks on from where ever I was in the pregnancy. I was assured it stopped at 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22 weeks, etc.

It mostly stopped for me at 30 weeks, but I still get it on occasion. My best advice to you is to repeat to yourself "there is no normal" when it comes to pregnancy symptoms.

LDNlady Thu 30-Dec-10 22:23:49

Like has been said, there is no "normal" when it comes to pregnancy. Everyone is different but mine stopped at around 9 weeks. I am still sick on and off, maybe once every 8-10 days now and I am 17+2. Fingers crossed for you that it stays away for good but make the most of feeling good while you can. x

MaryMungo Thu 30-Dec-10 22:29:40

Now 13+4 and still got it envy<---repurposed sickie smiley

Theeverexpandingrodders Thu 30-Dec-10 22:30:55

39 weeks and still got it now im hoping it will go after the baby is born

maryz Thu 30-Dec-10 22:30:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 31-Dec-10 03:53:21

Mine started at 9 weeks exactly and ended that same day.

littlemiss72 Fri 31-Dec-10 08:42:39

Mine started around 5 weeks, I was physically sick for around 5 weeks - morning, noon and night. Then at 10 weeks it all stopped! Having had a MMC previously I was a little worried however the 12wk scan was fine.

I'm now 15 weeks and it's started to return along with banging headaches all day every day hmm

fallingandlaughing Fri 31-Dec-10 09:25:54

Thanks all.

Fingers crossed that's it.. didn't realise it was so common to continue all the way through!

JingleJulezbooBells Fri 31-Dec-10 10:23:42

stop? Im 34 weeks n still chucking up most mornings...

hope it stops for you soon

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 31-Dec-10 10:27:58

DC1, about a couple of hours after I'd had him. Remeber my Mum and Dad coming into the room and having DS in one arm and a bowl in the other hand.

DC2 about 16 weeks.

Hope it eases for you soon.

VictoriaLouise90 Sun 02-Jan-11 15:55:44

Hey everyone,

Currently 14+6 with my DC1, I was both lucky & cursed with morning sickness - I suffered with it from 6 weeks & was constantly nauseous but only ever sick twice which made me feel awful because I had that "if I could just be sick I'd feel so much better" feeling. Luckily it subsided at 13 weeks & now I only feel sick every now & then.

Hope everyone else's subsides soon too!

mrz Sun 02-Jan-11 16:04:48

Mine (all day and night sickness) started the day before my pregnancy was confirmed and ended the day before my son was born hmm

Pootle78 Sun 02-Jan-11 16:19:32

To translate my message from above the every now and again can be translated to everyday since I posted on this thread! Pure fluke or something more sinister shock !

lillybloom Sun 02-Jan-11 16:23:19

Mine started the week before pg confirmed and ended the day after ds was born grin but in a very strange way I was ok with it eventually

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