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reduced movement at 28 weeks

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flootshoot Thu 30-Dec-10 14:53:30

Saw my midwife this am and mentioned that the baby has been moving a lot less these last couple of days. I have only had one instance of movement today so far and that was a slight prod this morning as she was palpating me. Heartbeat is fine.

I've just downed a diet coke - up until now that has sent the baby a bit bonkers (did with DS too), but nothing. The midwife told me to call the maternity until if I noticed less than 10 movements a day but I'm not sure if I should see how it goes for the rest of today and leave it until tomorrow - bearing in mind she checked the heartbeat only this morning?

I never had this with DS - he was very, very active all the way through so I'm a bit worried now. Has anyone else experienced this?

Clucky31 Thu 30-Dec-10 15:18:47

flootshoot all pregnancies are different so I wouldn't make comparisons to the regularity of movements you felt with DS.

I too started experiencing less movements after 28 weeks (am now 31) and MW said it was most likely down to baby having less room to wriggle about. Have you tried laying down and relaxing for 30mins or so? I often find that doing this means I'm more likely to tune-in to baby's movements.

Having said that, if you are still worried it's always best to give the maternity unit a call - that way you can go in and they'll monitor baby for a bit and hopefully put your mind at ease smile.

faverolles Thu 30-Dec-10 15:20:34

I think you should go and get it checked out.

I've found this time that up to 32 weeks, I did have days where the baby was quieter than others, but on the couple of times that I didn't feel it move, I was monitored, and had the peace of mind that it was ok.

The midwives would far rather you were monitored and everything was fine, than leave it and worry you were wasting their time.

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