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Breech Baby

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LittleBugsMum Thu 30-Dec-10 10:27:41

Hello there.

I'm nearly 36 weeks and my baby (boysmile) is breech.

I'm having an elective section anyway so I'm not worried about the labour just that I've read that some breech babies have abnormalities and/or problems once they're born.

I also had a borderline AFP test at 16 weeks (ish) which they investigated (haphazardly IMO) with 2 scans and (kind of) said it was fine but I can't get it out of my head.

Can anyone reassure me? Give me advice etc?

Thank you.

glovesoflove Thu 30-Dec-10 11:23:44

Never heard of breech being linked to abnormalities - I did loads of googling about it as my DD was suspected breech and in the event, did need to be delivered by CS due to position, and was absolutely fine with APGAR of 10, we went home the next day.

Could the "link to abnormalities" be that it could be linked to cerebral palsy as sometimes the cord is short or looped round the baby and that's why they don't turn? It'd make sense that breech babies are potentially at risk of CP if the cord cuts off their oxygen during delivery, but if you're having a planned CS the cord shouldn't cause any problems?

Which way was your AFP borderline? I'm assuming it was the neural tube defect/omphalocele risk, then the scans should have hopefully been able to detect any life threatening disabilities. I can understand that you are very worried though and I hope someone who knows what they're on about will be along soon

Best wishes for a lovely CS and a healthy baby.

LittleBugsMum Thu 30-Dec-10 11:40:12

Yes, it was borderline for the neural tube defect.

The scans afterwards were to check but at first they said they couldn't see very well but all 'seemed' ok then the second was a trainee who was nice but hesitant & said she wasn't going to repeat the first lot of tests just the ones that weren't marked on the sheet. Not reassured much by that...especially now.

I read there was the possibility of hydrocephalus which is linked to neural tube abnormalities (isn't it?)

Thanks for the best wishes though I doubt and CS is lovely haha. x

GMajor7SwansASwimming Thu 30-Dec-10 11:53:28

DD was breech and is absolutely fine smile. At least you know she's breech - many of us didn't find that out until our lo's bottoms were emerging grin

Best wishes for tommorrow.

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