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What to expect in the UK

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otchayaniye Wed 29-Dec-10 14:29:12

I had my first baby in Asia. I had been treated for Ashermans (uterine adhesions from a botched D&C back in the UK) by my ob/gyn and after a year of treatment got pregnant the second month. Because of the Ashermans I had a scan a week until the second trimester, then it was bi-monthly. Back to a scan a week nearer term. All the same ob.gyn. I had preeclampsia and a frank breech baby so ob/gyn performed a section

What do I expect in the UK? I must be roughly 7-8 weeks and have just booked a doctor's appt. When do I see a midwife. How many scans can I expect? Does my history mean seeing a consultant? I am 39 years old so I suppose that makes me high risk as well.

I know it's early days but I am vacillating between a planned section or a vbac at home (purely for the recovery!)

MoonUnitAlpha Wed 29-Dec-10 14:31:48

Not sure about the Ashermans. I went to the GP at about 7 weeks and was told to book in with the midwives (at same health centre) - first midwife appointment was at 10 weeks. I had a scan at 12 weeks, midwife about 16 weeks and then another scan at 20 weeks. Midwife appointments were more frequent from about 26 weeks onwards.

otchayaniye Wed 29-Dec-10 14:34:54

Great, thanks. I guess the Asherman's means I'll probably have to see a consultant at some point (I have no problem with them per se, though)

I'm in SE London (Peckham area) and I don't think there is a midwife at my small doctors so I guess it will be midwife at hospital.

I'm wondering how much choice I have in the matter - which hospital or unit?

It doesn't help I feel spoiled by my experience in Asia (and so I should, it cost Bupa 30k) and scarred (forgive the pun) by my last experience of the NHS.

Thanks for the heads up.

EdgarAleNPie Wed 29-Dec-10 14:39:13

your hospital may have an online referral which is normally faster than via doctor

you will be seen in your own home by a MW , booked for dating scan, have details about your first pregnancy taken.

there is another scan for anomalies at 20 weeks. they will work out a schedule of appointments - generally not much doing until 28 weeks, then regular and weekly after 39 weeks.

they will probably recommend against a homebirth for a VBAC though this is of course your choice and they will still attend if that is what you choose.

you would proably see a consultant at 36 (ish) weeks to dicuss options.

there are of course regional variations on this theme, hope all goes well for you this time.

EdgarAleNPie Wed 29-Dec-10 14:40:43

you can choose which hospital you book into though they can refuse use of a MLU (in favour of consultant led care) , they have to attend HB otoh.....

MoonUnitAlpha Wed 29-Dec-10 14:44:12

I wasn't seen by a midwife at home until the last month or so when I decided on a home birth. I was given a choice between the two local hospitals (one had a MLU and the other doesn't) or home.

otchayaniye Wed 29-Dec-10 14:47:00

Smashing, thank you. Very helpful. And the home vbac is a bit pf pie in the sky. Just thinking what's best for recovery/childcare of other child, although I recovered very quickly from my planned section.

Erm, stupid question coming up. How do I know which is my hospital? I'm in SE London so there are a fair few.

EdgarAleNPie Wed 29-Dec-10 14:54:09

your GP may ask which hospital you want reerring to, or there will probs be one they refer everyone to, you can choose one that is not 'your' one though obviously it is practical to consider journey times when you are in labour.

gallicgirl Wed 29-Dec-10 15:00:23

There's a bit on the NHS choices website which can help you find GP, maternity and hospital services in your area.

The frequency of midwife appointments really varies from area to area and I wouldn't expect to see the same midwife each visit but care is generally good. make sure you ask all questions because some are not forthcoming with information. Also, ask the midwife about a hospital visit early on.

featherblue Wed 29-Dec-10 15:03:18

Hi there, I'm pregnant (15w) and in Peckham as well. My scans (have had 2 as 1st too early) have been at King's, but I was given the choice between King's and St Thomas'. I went with King's as it's so much closer.

My booking-in appt with the midwife was at King's, but my 'normal' midwife will be at my GP surgery - first appt with her in a week. I'm having shared care with the consultant (hypothyroidism) so am seeing him at 18w at King's. Feel free to pm me about anything!

Ps- care at King's so far has been very good. No complaints

MumNWLondon Wed 29-Dec-10 17:52:44

As you are high risk they will probably recommend consultant led care, which on the NHS generally means junior doctor lead care only see consultant if there is massive problem.

However its your choice, and I refused consultant lead care for both DS1 and DS2 (I have an underactive thyroid) and instead opted for "shared care" between my GP who managed my thyroid tests and midwife.

A couple of things:

a) you can choose your hospital - in your circumstances I would call around the local ones - see what sort of care they'd give you. Because you have had a section its likely that they would not let you deliver in a midwife led unit (even if it is adjacent to labour ward). Or look online, most of them have turn up and look around times at the weekend.

b) If they suggest consultant led care you can decline it.

In terms of what to expect, with a low risk pregnancy the number of appointments are few until the final trimester, with 2 scans at 12 and 20 weeks but in a high risk pregnancy might be more.

cowboylover Wed 29-Dec-10 19:09:12

I can recommend the NHS choices website as I found everything I needed there as I didnt have an idea with my area as not lived here long.

I have Alpha1Anti Trypsyn deficency and am having great consultant lead care with scans every 3 weeks until 30 weeks when they will be weekly so I know everyones experiences vary greatly I hope you will get the specific support you need like I am.

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