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Chicken pox, steroids and prior exposure any advise?

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ANTagony Wed 29-Dec-10 11:34:27

I'm waiting on a return phone call from NHS direct about this one but would be grateful for any advice.

I'm 35+6 today and have had asthma in pregnancy which has involved being on a strong course of steroid tablets and now on an inhaler.

There was something in the steroid literature about risks of chicken pox exposure and contacting your doctor immediately if you were exposed.

I've had chicken pox as a child so queried this with the doctor at the time and she said contact anyway.

So my sister and her kids, amongst others, came to stay for five days over Christmas. The kids were a bit run down and tired the last two days so I doped them up on the usual Calpol to keep them going and now they've gone home chicken pox spots are out. They're basically okay in themselves and playing happily at home - which is a relief.

I'm however now wishing I understood why there is a concern for me/ the baby as I've already had the pox. I hope that I've just misinterpreted something. Anyone any experience of this?

DarrellRivers Wed 29-Dec-10 11:37:32

If you definitely had chickenpox, then you will have immunity.
So there should be no concern.
As long as you are sure you had it.

ANTagony Wed 29-Dec-10 11:44:22

Thank you for replying. I'm sure I've had it. My 2 DS's also had it a couple of years ago so I've been re exposed. My inclination is to not be bothered except I was told to make contact.

My midwife is on answer machine saying she's away and contact the hospital in an emergency - its not an emergency.

DarrellRivers Wed 29-Dec-10 12:10:09

I can see no reason either for contacting.
You have had it before, so you will not get it again and so you and baby are protected with your immunity.
Even if you hadn't had it, the first thing they would do would be blood test to check immunity. And most people have had even though no memory of illlness
And yes, if you hadn't had cp before, had had steroids and were pregnant you would be at risk of a severe case of chickepox
BUT If you have definite history of illness, then no need for contact that I can see

OnEdge Wed 29-Dec-10 12:12:28

You've had it so your baby is protected.

OnEdge Wed 29-Dec-10 12:13:36

But I can see why you are a bit baffled, I would be too smile

ANTagony Wed 29-Dec-10 12:44:00

Now even more baffled. NHS direct assessment is get an appointment (today) with GP!

Local practice are really good and I explained I wasn't worried but had had an NHS nurse assessment and so they've booked me in this afternoon.

employmentqueries Wed 29-Dec-10 13:11:08

FGS, what a waste of money.
Covering their arses.
Feel for you though, caught up in this.

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