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6 and a bit weeks, have a painful twinge on one side

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MrsChemistrySetInMyStocking Wed 29-Dec-10 10:16:31

It doesn't hurt too much, and it's not a constant pain. It's just a wee twinge every minute or so.
If I cough it hurts a bit as well.
I'm worried about the possibility of ectopic, but have no other symptoms.
Should I see if I can get hold of the community midwife (not sure of the number though and she is a hard lady to get hold of) or should I head to the nearest EPU (you can self refer)

Also wondering if anyone else has had this kind of pain


SMulledwineS Wed 29-Dec-10 10:26:39

I had a stabbing pain to my right which turns out to be a large cyst.. I was told any painful twinges or pain to get checked out especially if it's to one side.

MrsCratchit Wed 29-Dec-10 10:31:03

You should get it checked out just in case. But rest assured twinges can just be ligament stretching. In fact I had more one sided pain with my current pregnancy (healthy so far at 32 weeks) than I did when I had an ectopic.

My EPU us self-referral (St.George's in SW London) and know they would tell you to check things out if worried.

tlise Sun 02-Jan-11 01:13:29

most people do get pains when baby implants around this time, and from what I can remember, can even be in both. Wouldn't worry too much, but mention it to your mw or even give your gp a ring

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