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URGENT PLEASE!! Ok, I know I shouldn't google but now I am really worried. Can anyone help with this pain!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CrazyChristmasLady Tue 28-Dec-10 14:38:28

Christmas eve night, got a pain between my ribs, thought it was heartburn (but I've never had it so don't know what it feels like) and I hadn't long finished tea. I am 33 weeks pregnant. Started feeling a bit sick so went and laid down. Pain got worse. DH got me to take some rennie. I took 1, then put the second in my mouth and was immediately sick. Bit later, took another one so I had the 2 and was immediately sick again.

Spent the whole night propped up, hoping the pain would go. It just got worse and moved down to my (mainly) right side, kidney and around the front. Also felt like I was getting 'period' pain BH which I have had quite a few of anyway recently. By 4.40 I couldn't take anymore and phoned the emergency doctor who wanted me to go to them. I stupidly agreed until about 40 minutes later when it was apparent that I could hardly move for the pain and they reluctantly sent someone.

He thought it was appendicitis and I went to hospital where another 3 doctors/surgeons thought the same, until I told them I was hungry. The pain lessened very slightly after hours so they decided it was my appendix. Urine tests showed some protein but I did have that before and there was no infection. Bloods were normal for someone who is pregnant.

I was finally allowed home with the provision that I go back if it got worse.

It hasn't but here we are nearly 5 days later and I am still in quite a bit of pain. The doctors are still shut and I am having to take paracetamol as often as I am allowed to keep it from getting worse. Last night I hadn't taken any as I thought it was easing and it seemed to be getting more painful again.

It is still in my right kidney area, sometimes I can feel it on my left side too and sometimes it feels like it is moving around my bump, over the top and other places but it is still constant in my right side. It hurts me when the baby moves around if it is close to where the pain is and I can still feel tightenings sometimes. Baby was monitored when I was first in hospital and was fine but the MW said they would carry on when I was moved to the ward but baby wasn't checked again whilst I was there. She is moving around quite a bit though but I am getting worried about how long this is going on for and if it is going to have an effect.

Does anyone have any similar experience of idea what this is? The hospital don't really know and I just have to hope I can get in at the doctors tomorrow but I stupidly looked up placental apbruption and kidney infections and they don't sound good and sound like they could fit, but I don't have any bleeding, fever, cloudy urine etc.

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Tue 28-Dec-10 15:29:59

hi ccc,i cant help but just wanted to give you some support.Not sure whatthis sounds like im 35 wks and not had this,can you phone the labour ward?thats what we do can bring on all sorts of odd aches and pains im sure it is nothing but i would def get it checked again as not worth the risk not to.You shouldnt be in this much pain.A mw friend told me to say reduced movements if want to be seen.Pleas let me know how you get on.

LunaticFringe Tue 28-Dec-10 17:47:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrangeCountyStrip Tue 28-Dec-10 17:50:59

I would second going back in.

It shouldn't hurt for this long.

I hope it is a pulled muscle etc but you need to be seen, rib pain can be a sign of PE, not sure about side though.

Good luck and please get seen again.

smoggii Tue 28-Dec-10 18:10:40

I would go back in if the pain is still bothering you. At around 25 weeks i had really bad pains around my kidney area although it could have been musculature all i know is that it bloody hurt and i was in agony for almost a week. Because there was no sign of kidney infection they said nothing wrong but i insisted that they run more tests because they were giving me a 'probably just pregnancy' answer which, when you are in that much pain is just not good enough.

They agreed to ultrasound scan my kidneys and have a check of the baby while they were there. As it turned out, all was fine and they still do not know what caused it so it probably was just pregnancy but they could see i was in an awful lot of pain and that it was making me very stressed and upset.

I don't feel guilty about taking up their time for an extra scan, it's the only time during my pregnancy (so far) where i've gone into the hospital and this pregnancy is my first real use of the NHS after many tax paying years and i was worried about my baby so i needed it, even just to give me an all clear!

I hope all turns out to be ok, make sure you rest lots and stay hydrated. If things aren't right go back and make sure they see you again.

Spurrie Tue 28-Dec-10 18:19:35

The same thing happened to me in my first pregnancy at 33 weeks. It was absolute agony and I could hardly breathe from the pain. It was just under my ribcage on the right hand side and travelled round to my right shoulder. The only thing that eased it was vomiting. It occured about three times for the rest of my pregnancy and continued for about four months after he was born. It turned out my pregnancy caused gallstones which kept blocking my bile duct which caused the pain. Once my gall bladder was removed the pain has never come back.

However I did also have severe pre-eclampsia from 33 weeks which also causes pain under your right hand ribs so I would suggest you contact your labour ward asap to have your bood pressure monitored and protein in your urine measured again. Have a look on the pre-eclampsia website for symptoms and see if they desribe yours. You might have to push for the doctors to take notice but don't panick as you will be cosely monitored for the rest of your pregnancy if there is a chance this is what you have. It is really really important you get checked asap, even if its just to rule out PE.

Good luck


TheManWhoSoldtheWorld Tue 28-Dec-10 20:29:56

I was going to suggest gallstones but see Spurrie already did.

This started with DS1's pregnancy and 4 years later after various attacks I am now going to have my gallbladder removed.

It does sound like that kind of pain.

1percentawake Tue 28-Dec-10 21:15:54

I had a placental abruption with DD and had no pain at all - just lots of sudden bleeding at 39 weeks. Definitely keep pestering doctors/hospital if it continues though.

CrazyChristmasLady Wed 29-Dec-10 12:15:44

Got to see the doctor today, although I knew what the outcome would be. Doesn't know.

Urine showing very slight protein but I had this earlier in the pregnancy and I don't have any other PE symptoms. Baby seems fine and is moving loads, HR is fine. I don't have a temp or bleeding or anything else.

He is going to contact the hospital to see if they grew a culture (I think thats what he said) out of my sample last week, and phone me later.

I am actually the most comfortable now than I have been for days! It seems to be easing (fingers crossed).

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Wed 29-Dec-10 16:11:17

hi ccl. It seems in pregnancy that as long as you and the baby are alive then any other symptoms are unimportant to the drs. I have been breathless since 26 wks and im talking so breathless that i cant take dd the short walk to school or often walk a couple of metres without almost collapsing.I have been signed off work and been practically housebound resulting in quite low mood which im hoping wont continue post birth,either way i have wasted the last 9 wks of my life.Drs and mw completely unconcerned tho.
were you sympathising with me re in law visits not so long ago?How are your plans going?

CrazyChristmasLady Wed 29-Dec-10 19:56:18

It does seem that way.

The doctor phoned back to say that an infection hadn't grown from my urine so it doesn't look as if it is my kidneys which I really thought it was. I have been given antibiotics though as urine was showing very slight protein. The doctor said if that doesn't clear it then I have to go back next week. Problem is DH goes back to work too and I will struggle with DS if I am still like this.

Its weird but the more uncomfortable I am, the worse it gets. I am wondering if it is muscular. The most comfortable I have been is a certain chair at my nans. Mine are crippling me and I can't stay comfy in bed.

Breathlessness sounds awful! I had a cold last week and it really played my asthma up. It was horrible so you have my sympathy! I refuse to believe that all of it is down to normal pregnancy symptoms.

Yes I was sympathising with your IL situation (can't remember what it was again though smile). How are things with that?

My plans are all just left at the moment as I can't bloody do anything and it is driving me mad! I had so much to sort and organise over the holidays whilst DH was off and it has all gone on hold. I know it will never get done now as I am 34 weeks and getting very vyer uncomfortable. I was in such a great nesting place a couple of weeks ago, then I was hit by a really bad cold, now this pain and I haven't done much for weeks now. sad

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Wed 29-Dec-10 23:11:05

you seriously could be me posting you know,i also had a cold which knocked me sideways and finished me off.I cant do anything,slightest little thing such as cooking a small meal leaves me panting for breath.Im the same as you but at least have my date for c sec on 31st jan but seems like a lifetime.
The pil situation remains the same with dh not having the bollocks to discuss it with them.They announced 3 hrs ago by phone that they are coming tomorrow to stay one night and dh will be at work leaving me to make polite convo and worry about clean bedding,bathroom/enough food in house etc.annoyed cos was having a lovely post xmas relax,no school run,plenty of junk food etc you know.I may raise the visiting issue with them,may as well get something out of it haha.

LittleBugsMum Thu 30-Dec-10 10:19:55

I agree with those who said Gallbladder - the pain after eating and the site of the pain.

Pregnancy can bring it on. My pains started after my c section and I was told they were gas pains from the op. I lasted a few weeks being told it was just gas but I was in agony. Mostly at night.

Try cutting out most of the fat from your diet, it's likely to help.

Good luck & update the thread with news smile

TheManWhoSoldtheWorld Thu 30-Dec-10 10:31:22

Can you ask for an ultrasound on your gallbladder?

Agree with cutting out fat - also carbonated drinks really affect me.

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Thu 30-Dec-10 11:02:05

you wont believe this but last night about 2 hrs after eating i had a kind of bad hunger pain in my upper abdo and in the centre of my back,it got more and more severe and i really started to panic then i began vomiting and finally after 4 vomits it stopped.I have been looking on the net and thought it seemed like galstones but reading this has convinced me.Any advice?I am frightened to eat now and am hungry.The pain has gone but do i need to speak to a dr? I am nrly 35wks pg.

LittleBugsMum Thu 30-Dec-10 11:16:47

You can't take anything for it so you'll have to make sure you avoid the foods that set it off. Mine was chocolate, biscuits & cheese (the worse one). Also alcohol sometimes brought on an attack but I guess you're not worried about that.

I don't know how safe cutting out all fat is when you're pregnant but even 'good' fats made me poorly.

Once you have the baby they can remove it & you'll be right as rain. Able to eat KFC sans fear.

LittleBugsMum Thu 30-Dec-10 11:19:40

Oh also, no one cares/believes you unless you go to A&E and not leave. I was writhing in agony, unable to look after my son etc - they were forced to admit me, investigate & operate.

CrazyChristmasLady Thu 30-Dec-10 12:08:46

ledk I would speak to your doctor. One question they were all asking was about vomiting, I think they take certain things more seriously if you are throwing up as well. Yes take the chance to talk to your ILs. Get them on your side now and your DH can't have any say then! 31st Jan is a good date, its my DS's 3rd birthday. I am due on the 9th Feb but I am seeing consultant next week to tell them if I want an elective c section. I don't but if I have to put up with this pain, I may well change my mind!

I'll keep you updated but I do think it looks like something I am going to be stuck with for the time being. It is coming and going. Was in pain last night, can't lay comfortably at all, eases when I get up for a bit but having M.E. and being heavily pregnant means I am in a fair bit of pain anyway. sad

differentnameforthis Thu 30-Dec-10 12:37:44

PLEASE get checked ASAP.

Could be Epi Gastric

Spurrie Thu 30-Dec-10 18:23:30

If I had my time again I would pester my doctor as soon as I started with gallbaldder pain (If only I'd known). It will only keep reoccuring if you don't get it sorted - and with a newborn it makes those early days very difficult.If they identify it now they could book you for your gall bladder removing as soon as you've had your baby (its only half a days surgery and a quick recovery).

Until then avoid all fat. I lost about about two stone very quickly in 3 months after having DS due to cutting all fat out of my diet. Anything high fat - cheese, takeaways, curry, pies, etc set mine off within an hour of eating. But it is controllable once you know what not to do (sometimes). Must be agony not being able to take painkillers! I do sympathise - it is the most painful thing I've ever had - (worse than childbirth!!!

The good news is, if it is your gall bladder it is a simple painless procedure to get it sorted.

Good luck X

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Thu 30-Dec-10 19:42:26

im going to avoid fat yes and will try to push for removal asap but i guess the plus side is weight loss in the meantime,i agree that the pain is excruiciating so not at all tempted to eat anything i shouldnt,
Thanks for replying everyone,

differentnameforthis Thu 30-Dec-10 23:27:15

PLEASE don't self diagnose this! Please read my link further down.

You don't know it is gallstones. It could be epigastric pain. Which means your liver is failing. Which could be dangerous for you & baby!

ledkrsbellyislikesantas Thu 30-Dec-10 23:55:17

i have spoken to labour ward and also gp today neither were too concerned as i have no other symptoms and also the pain went and is no longer there.I have been told to go straight to emg dr if it happens again.I read your other threads so am vigilant to any changes.Thanks.

differentnameforthis Fri 31-Dec-10 00:57:04

ledkrsbellyislikesantas, thanks for the reply! Glad you have spoken to someone.

Please forgive me for being bossy, just wanted to make sure, you know!?

LoopyLoopsOfSparklyFairyLights Fri 31-Dec-10 01:05:11

Oh CrazyPlate, I hope you are OK and feeling better soon xx

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