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35+2 & breech- exercises to turn baby?

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SaraL77 Tue 28-Dec-10 14:09:35

I've got a breech baby and was wondering if anyone tried exercises to turn the baby- I don't want to try this too early though in case the baby turns back again! I've heard if the baby hasn't turned by 37 wks then it probably won't and I'm very keen not to have a C-section! or an ECV for that matter. I have to see the MW next week to see if still breech- next step is a scan then ECV...

anyone else sucessfully turned theirs doing exercises/positions- i.e. all fours with bum in the air etc?

brockleybelle Tue 28-Dec-10 14:11:41

try moxibustion. my friend's baby didn't turn, but the baby did wriggle about! perhaps it could work for you (moxibustion sounds complete quackery but evidence that it works.).

mejon Tue 28-Dec-10 20:51:20

Mine was still breech/transverse at 32 weeks (and had been for some time) so I set about bouncing on my ball as much as I could and going on all-fours (not easy or very comfortable) and did the breech tilt exercises a few times (very difficult to get into and out of position though!) By 34 week MW appointment, baby was head down and at my latest scan at 36 weeks last week she was still head down. No idea if she'd have turned regardless or if it was down to the exercises I did though! Definitely still head down as I can certainly feel it from the pressure on my bladder.

NonnoMum Tue 28-Dec-10 20:53:13

Swimming. Crawling down the stairs on all fours (ah - the glamour of pregnancy) and reflexology worked for me with my third baby.

Good luck.

ILoveDolly Tue 28-Dec-10 20:55:52

Both my babies were lying the wrong way round, in a variety of ways! Had some success with spending time on all fours, although I felt like a cow waiting to be milked.

SaraL77 Wed 29-Dec-10 13:46:23

thanks all for your tips and advice- crawling down the stairs- I'm a bit worried I might just go into a forward roll with all the weight- lol! but sounds like a good idea!

better get going then- have mw appointment next week so he/she had better turn by then!

NonnoMum Wed 29-Dec-10 16:27:58

oh - and i think there's a website - or something like that...

Good luck (and I reckon it was the reflexology that finally did it for me (and I am so NOT into alternative medicine usually!))

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