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Baby not moving much.

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vampiresdontsparkle Tue 28-Dec-10 09:28:56

Hi im 21 weeks and have been feeling the baby on and off for a few weeks now. It hasnt been very strong movements but i have been feeling them.

The past couple of days i havent really been feeling anything, i put it down to it being christmas and being busy.

As far as i know i havent got an anteria plecenta {sorry i cant spell} and i tried lying down and focusing on baby last night but feel asleep! blush will go and buy a fizzy drink in a bit if still no movement.

so would you worry?

SlightlyTubbyHali Tue 28-Dec-10 09:41:05

Probably not - with my pregnancies movements seemed very sporadic early on so I regularly went some days without noticing much.
But, since you are on here you are worrying, so why not give your midwife a ring and ask her to have a listen to the baby?

pumpkinpoppet Tue 28-Dec-10 10:22:23

I agree with slightly. Give the MW a call but it is probably ok.

tigerbear Tue 28-Dec-10 10:55:23

Hi Vampire, I was just going to post on exactly the same thing! I'm nearly 21 weeks too and have hardly felt anything so far. It's hard to stop worrying isn't it?
I have my scan on the 4th - can't wait to see if everything is ok.

CaringForPod Tue 28-Dec-10 11:04:16

I'm 22 weeks and 4 days, and have an anterior placenta. I only feel movement sporadically, like a pulsating spasm in the stomach/bladder area. Have you got a doppler or anything? We use ours to put my mind at ease. In fact, wasn't feeling much this morning then used the doppler and it seemed to wake baby up! Felt a few spasms then. But yes, go see the midwife too. That's what they're there for!

IAmReallyFabNow Tue 28-Dec-10 11:05:36

I probably would worry but then I am a worrier. Give your midwife a call and ask her advice.

tigerbear Tue 28-Dec-10 11:10:10

Caring - can I ask where you bought your Doppler and how much it was?

CaringForPod Tue 28-Dec-10 18:41:20

Hi tigerbear, I got my doppler on Amazon Marketplace for around £60. It was this one: duct

It's like the ones the midwives use, so professional quality. You can get cheaper ones like the angelsounds one for around £25.

Hope this helps.

vampiresdontsparkle Wed 29-Dec-10 09:13:32

Thanks for all your messages.

As I was on the phone trying to get though to midewife baby started kicking.

Tigerbear it is horrible so much worring. My scan is on the 7th and I cant bloody wait for it.

Caringforpod I think I would worry more with a doppler in case I couldnt find a heartbeat.

Kazmog Wed 29-Dec-10 12:40:35

Dear all, from experience I would recommend that if you are worried and haven't felt movement for a longer period than normal then call your midwife or if you are over 22weeks you can normally pop into the day assessment centres at hospital. It is better to put your mind at rest. The home doppler units are good if you know how to use them but you don't always get a reading which can worry you further... good luck

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