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Tips for calming nausea anyone?

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jollyjester Mon 27-Dec-10 23:18:53

Hi I'm 7 weeks and for the past 2 weeks I have had nausea constantly. Ive only been sick a handful of times but I honestly think I would cope better with being sick than contantly feeling like it.

Nothing seems to help and I'm off eating pretty much (which is unlike me!) but still forcing food to keep strength up. Just worried as Ive a really busy month in January with work and need to be on as close to top form as I can!
Just wondered if anyone had any tips?

Carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Dec-10 23:28:45

The traditional remedy is ginger - eg crystalised ginger, ginger nut biscuits.
I found poppodoms and jacobs crackers helped.
Trying not to get too hungry or full up is usually helpful. Trying not to get overtired is also a good idea.
Everyone is different though - consider what you really fancy eating - it is funny how that sometimes helps.
Congratulations grin

Tarlia Tue 28-Dec-10 07:42:17


Eat what you feel like, however random it may be. I found sipping lemon diluting juice and fizzy drinks calmed my stomach a little. No wonder foods, sorry.

fallingandlaughing Tue 28-Dec-10 07:59:53

The best tip I've had (from my obstetrician) is to suck jelly babies. It works for me, however my nausea is quite mild.

littlemiss72 Tue 28-Dec-10 08:55:57

I tried everything, the ginger nuts were not much good for me! I did find sucking polo mints and eating rich tea biscuits helped a little. Sadly no wonder foods, do try to eat as little and often as you can is my only advice. The good news is it gets better!

bessie26 Tue 28-Dec-10 09:50:35

Just eat small amounts of whatever takes your fancy regularly! I was having 2 breakfasts until about 20weeks (usually porridge at 7, banana & a cereal bar at 9) which I found stopped the really awful waves of nausea (I get it constantly until about 12 weeks)

Iwasthefourthwiseman Tue 28-Dec-10 10:00:37

Travel sickness bands
Fizzy haribo
Lemon juice in water
There is a cd/iPod app called Nevasic

None of these made it go away but they took the edge off

oh4goodnesssake Tue 28-Dec-10 10:34:54

Chilled lemonade and chilled fizzy water. take a little sip of one and then 5 minutes later a little sip of another. just keep doing this until you start to feel less sick.

conkertree Tue 28-Dec-10 13:48:50

Jelly beans worked for me with ds1.

jollyjester Tue 28-Dec-10 16:38:40

Thats great I'll have to try, the only thing so far that is helping is mints, lots and lots of mints, I'm sure work collegues are beginning to wonder whats up!

VictoriaLouise90 Wed 29-Dec-10 12:55:30

Hey Jolly,

I'm currently 14 weeks & finally over my nausea! I suffered with it from about 6 weeks & actually lost weight in my 1st trimester because of it!

Like you, it was constant nausea rather than actually being sick & I felt as though I'd feel much better if I was actually being sick!

I found the best thing for me was, as someone else said, eat what you want to eat, it's quite hard when you're feeling pretty sick but sit & really think about what you would like to eat or drink, mine was quite often citrus fruits / fruit juices.

Try to explain to others who know about your pregnancy how you're feeling, my fiance (as lovely as he is) had a habit of asking me what I'd like to eat and whilst I was trying to decide, listing a whole barrel of foods that I seriously couldn't face, really didn't help on the nausea front, but he was trying bless him!

I also found ginger biscuits, dry crackers & oother plain-ish foods helpful in curbing the nausea a little. Try grazing on foods, little & often works well. I was also advised not to let my stomach be empty as this allows the acid .etc to build up.

Good luck!

Want2bSupermum Wed 29-Dec-10 16:08:26

My nausea went after week 10. I started taking prenatal vitamins for morning sickness (high levels of B vitamins) after seeing the obn and she told me to eat something bland such as cheesy crackers (small portions so you don't gain weight) every two hours. I also found activia yoghert, naval oranges, apple slices with the skin off and baked potato with baked beans went down well!

I am now taking a different prenatal vitamin which has a slightly lower dose of B vitamins, eating four times a day and the nausea has not returned. I also walk 30 mins a day and walk the stairs (just one flight) every hour at work.

If your tummy does get very upset try having a popsicle. Here in the US they have a lot of italian ice available which is like a less sweet sorbet and only 40-50 calories a cup.

lovecrackers Thu 30-Dec-10 08:25:26

I sympathise - am going through exactly the same thing at 8 weeks. I'm really suffering due to a pre-existing stomach condition (gastritis) and can constantly feel the acid rising up in my tummy. I have been existing on a diet of baked potatoes with cheese and water crackers. I find that citrus fruits make it worse as does any kind of meat. Taking Gaviscon liquid after food also seems to help sometimes. I hope your nausea gets better....I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end!

VictoriaLouise90 Sun 02-Jan-11 14:33:55

Haha believe it or not baked potatoes were the one thing that I really wanted when I was feeling icky but then I turned & couldn't face them at all! Still can't now at 14+6!!

Coppernoddle Sun 02-Jan-11 15:12:43

Trust me, feeling sick rather than being sick is not worse! I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and am severely sick from start to finish! It's miserable! You loose weight, strain muscles and burst blood vessels! Thank yourself your not being sick! I usually end up in hospital by 9 weeks on drips! So I know every trick in the book to keeping things down! Little and often, no big meals, but high protein to keep you less hungry for longer, nuts, rivita, none acidic fruits such as banana's, not fatty foods. Flat lemonade as it has a chemical in it to stop you from being sick and the sugar gets your blood sugars back up. Sucking lollipops is very good for that too as you absorb the sugar through your cheeks getting into your blood stream quicker. The most important is fluids as this makes you more sick the less hydrated you are. Your body starts to produce key tones and is a vicous circle then as your body cannot break down sugars and salts in your food making you worse. Lemonade is good for that! I have a cupboard full of foods that I fancied then didn't so don't worry, peanut butter on toast worked for me too! And don't worry about not getting enough and baby not getting enough as at this stage they need very little nutrition and get all the need from you, even if you aren't eating! But little and often and lots of fluids x x x good luck and congrats x

MrsNoggin Sun 02-Jan-11 18:40:14

Fanta lemon and Dr pepper worked magic for me (not together!). But be careful with the inevitable burps grin

sydenhamhiller Thu 06-Jan-11 15:33:31

Am reading this thread with interest - 8 wks pregnant with DC3, and morning (ha!) sickness worse each time...
As other posters have said, it's the nausea and retching, rather than actual vomiting, but in my case, I get very bad gas at this stage two - just feel full of air and constant burping. In last 2 weeks have hardly eaten anything as event the smallest amount of food makes me so full, and makes nausea worse...
Intrigued by the recommendations for fizzy lemon, but the thought of any more bubbles makes me feel even more wretched Does flat lemon work? Lemon cordial?
All suggestions very gratefully received... am absolutely wiped out at the moment, and wondering 'what o what was i thinking of....'

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