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Cramping at 18 weeks???

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sum04 Mon 27-Dec-10 20:52:42

I've been having mild like cramps since this afternoon, almost like light period type cramps and lower back nagging.
Its not severe cramps or pain and isn't in the centre of my tummy, so i don't know if thats a good sign.
I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and if it was normal?

mummymash Mon 27-Dec-10 21:22:04

i had a lot of braxton hics contractions with both my pregnancies where my tummy tightened and aches like period pains. i had this from about 30wks with my first but from about 20wks with second.
if it continues tomorrow there is no harm in getting the midwife to check you, at least it will put your mind at ease. take care

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