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Baby not moving much...

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Darnsarfupnorf Mon 27-Dec-10 00:10:05

I was 27 weeks on friday and babys been quite acrive for the last month or so but in the last few days shes really slowed down and ive barely felt her at all. i keep getting the odd turning feeling whereas i used to get fairly strong kicks and a lot of turning.

should i be worried or could she just be feeling the effects of xmas? i dont know if that happens confused

im at my parents til after new year so cant get to my gp and there are no walk ins around here (very rural)

what dya reckon?

pushmepullyou Mon 27-Dec-10 00:20:17

I would call the local labour ward tbh. It is probably nothing to worry about but decreased movements should always be investigated.

In the first instance have you tried having a cold sweet drink and sitting quietly for half an hour or so so that you can really pay attention to how many movements you are getting? You might find that she has changed position so the movements are less obvious but still there.

YankNChristmasCrackers Mon 27-Dec-10 00:22:56

Are you doing kick counts or have you done them in the past so you know what is 'typical' for your baby? I only ask because I had a bit of a scare where I was sure DS had slowed down movements, but when I just lay quietly and actually counted and watched the clock, it was pretty normal.

It could be just that baby's getting bigger and doesn't have as much room to get momentum for a big kick/punch?

When do babies start having the sleep/wake cycles, maybe that has started?

Good luck, I hope someone with a bit more experience can help.

Darnsarfupnorf Mon 27-Dec-10 00:25:14

i did wonder if it was that shed turned round, im trying not to get worked up about it, keep giving her a poke which she usualy responds to but not now confused

also, shes usualy most wiggly at around 3am and for once ive slept properly and couldve just been asleep while she was moving

ill give the midwife or someone a ring tomorow (didnt like to ring her on boxing day, or even better on xmas day when i was really secretly panicing!)


Darnsarfupnorf Mon 27-Dec-10 00:26:43

thanks yank maybe your right, at least shes just slowed down and not stopped completely, ill ring them tomorow and see what they say

1Catherine1 Mon 27-Dec-10 05:23:48

Yank has a good point. A am 28 weeks pregnant now and I know last week I got all concerned that baby hadn't moved so lay down and kick counted. I found that actually she was moving just as much as normal just her kicks were in slightly different places and not so hard. I miss the hard kicks atm as they reassure me that she's fine, I bet in a few weeks I won't be loving them. wink

RockChick1984 Mon 27-Dec-10 10:18:13

I had the same at 27 weeks, spoke to the midwife who referred me to be monitored, although she warned me that it's still too early for the monitoring to work totally as the baby still moves so much - every time you get him on the monitor he moves away! Well, didn't I feel daft when I got to the hospital, lay down and as she's putting the straps around my belly he gives an almighty kick that was clearly visable to me, dh, and the midwife!!! She still hooked me up to the monitor but we only managed about 10 mins coz of his movement! She said that if I'm worried again then go back, I asked her if anything I can try at home to make him kick an she said q big glass of orange juice, or shine a torch on my belly, or a bag of frozen peas will all usuallly give a reaction! May be worth a try? The midwife was really understanding tho so don't hesitate to call if you are worried. Hope everything is ok xxx

anonandlikeit Mon 27-Dec-10 10:56:59

Check the movements, if you are still in any doubt please go and get checked.

Yes movements can slow as the baby grows or it may be that the baby is in a different position. But please listen to your body.

Most likely everything is OK & baby has just moved but in my case when I went for monitoring my baby was found to be in severe fetal distress & delivered immediately at 28 weeks.
I was told that had i left it we may not of had such a happy outcome. So whilst I'm not trying to scare you I am just urging you that if you are not sure all is well a quick trip to the local hospital is never a waste of time!

Petalouda Mon 27-Dec-10 13:11:40


Like you Darnsarfupnorf, I was 27 weeks on Friday too, and on Saturday my wriggler changed position and his movements have been very different.

I've still been able to feel him kicking (at the 20 weeks scan they said 'you've got an anterior placenta, so don't be worried if you don't feel much movement - he'd already been belting me for 2 weeks!) he's a very active little wriggler.

Normally he's head down and kicks me on my right side - really dramatically (makes me jump, like when someone digs you in the ribs), with the occasional flip over to my left side.

So since saturday I think he's had his head up under my ribs (this is not comfortable!) and has been stomping around on my pelvic floor, and giving little tickly kicks right in the front under my belly button (probably tickly because of the placenta acting like a cushion).

It feels really different, but he's definitely still moving (although not back to his normal position, as yet!).

Maybe this is a standard time for a major position shift?

I've got a midwife appt & GTT on thursday, where if he's not head down, they'll refer me for a late scan to check he's not breech for D-Day.

Darnsarfupnorf Mon 27-Dec-10 23:34:18

thanks everyone! she started moving a bit more last night and has really started wiggling tonight, infact she just gave me such a big kick the laptop moved!!

anon hope everything was ok!

thanks for all the advice guys, she seems much more active now but im still going to ring the midwife tomorow just to be sure xx

anonandlikeit Tue 28-Dec-10 16:41:00

Glad to hear she is on the move again now! It can be so worrying, but honestly midwives would sooner be dealing with a false alarm than an emergency, like me as I'd left it several days.
DS2had a couple of months in SCBU and for a while was very poorly with lots of complications. He is 8 now and healthy enough but is disabled as a result of his prematurity, maybe if I had got him checked out sooner & he had been delivered sooner the outcome may of been different, who knows, i've certainly asked myself that question a million times over the last 8 yrs?

I am so pleased all seems to be OK with you & I hope my tale didn't add to your worries.

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