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too frequent vomiting bouts?

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lucyjack Sun 26-Dec-10 12:14:48

My daughter's 33 weeks pregnant, first baby, and over the last 3 months has had very frequent vomiting bouts lasting a couple of days each time. It's not morning sickness. She feels she can't eat much as she feels full all the time, and has quite noticeably lost weight (apart from the baby bump)

She couldn't eat her Christmas dinner yesterday and was up all night yet again being sick. This happens at least once a week every week.

Her midwife doesn't seem concerned...but I am. I feel like there's something wrong that's being missed.

Anyone got any ideas, please? Thanks

laylasmummy09 Sun 26-Dec-10 12:29:35

look up hyperemesis gravidarium it usually starts early in pregnancy and is more common in multiple pregnancys but if she is losing weight and cant eat then her body will start to eat itself and a by product of this is ketones wich can be dangerous and will need treating but docs will really need pushing to treat the sickness itself as they dont like to prescribe anything to pregnant women, i had it and its horrible she has my full sympathy, hope this helps.

lucyjack Sun 26-Dec-10 12:53:43

Thanks...I'll look this up now.

lucyjack Sun 26-Dec-10 13:06:01

Well, from what I've just read, it seems that HG is basically morning sickness and most common in the first trimester.

My daughter didn't really have this much and it's only been since she was around 23 weeks or so that the problem started. Her midwife discovered she was anaemic and the doctor put her on iron tablets (which also made her sick, so the type of iron tablets had to be changed). But she looks really pale and drawn since this vomiting started and people who saw her yesterday for the first time in months were shocked at her weight loss.

Normally she can eat like a horse and it can't be right that she not only can't eat but is chucking up whatever she does manage to eat.

How can doctors test for ketones? I haven't heard of this before.

RockLovesMincePies Sun 26-Dec-10 13:59:49

They just need to do a urine test to find ketones and if the number is too high, your daughter may need to go into hospital for rehydration on a drip.

I think it probably is Hyperemesis, all pregnancies are different and sickness patterns vary from woman to woman. However, the dr may want to test to see if there is a recurrent infection present, although I'm not quite sure how they would go about doing that.

I would say get her to a gp asap as she does need to be monitored if she has been losing alot of weight. Don't worry though, us mums are pretty robust, so I'm sure she'll be fine. I lost 2/12 stone in the first 4 months of my last pregnancy due to Hyperemesis, spent a week in hospital and was fine after that and had a very healthy baby girl who is now a strapping nearly 6 yr old.

johnnyd1 Sun 26-Dec-10 20:22:04

yeah, my wife is in her 9th week and has vomited regularly for the last 2 weeks. the only thing she keeps down is burger king! she has had 2 scans already both of which were fine. she has lost weight and cant keep most things down. she had a bit of chinese on christmas eve and kept it down! she rethces regularly. she has had blood and urine tests by midwife but we wont hear about the results for another couple of weeks (handy!). all i can say is this does seem quite common although my wife has also got a cold which has really made her feel like s**t. she is very tired right now. if things get to the point of dehydration then im sending her in no matter what she says.

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