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xxsabxx Sat 25-Dec-10 13:41:23

i had a miscarraige 19.11.10 it was a natural miscarriage n my first pregnancy and it left me broken and confused.
2 weeks later i did a pregnancy test and it was negative.

needless to say me n my partner tried again straight away without me having a period first. we only did it 3 tyms but i started feelin pregnant again. anyway i did another test at 3 weeks and got a faint line when i say faint i mean real faint! call it hope. i had all the symptoms sore boobs and needing the loo etc.

now for the not so nice bit...since last night i have been having pink/reddish and brown discharge and its scary because its around the time my period was meant to be due. i did another test this morning and it was negative. i just am lost and dont know what to do. can someone please help me?? i know its christmas day no one might reply but i really need answers.

tattyteddy Sat 25-Dec-10 14:15:15

Hello, the discharge may be implantation bleeding. Does your local hospital have a pregnancy assessment unit you could call? They may be able to offer sone advice. I hope everything is ok though xxx

Prinpo Sat 25-Dec-10 17:44:29

I'm so sorry you're going through this at Christmas. Firstly, sorry about your previous mc - broken and confused about sums it up.

To answer your question about the bleeding this month, it could be one of a couple of things. Firstly, it could be that you were pregnant and sadly had a very early miscarriage, even before the date of your period. Alternatively, it could be, as tatty says, implantation bleeding. Testing at 3 weeks is very early and it's possible that the second test just wasn't sensitive enough to pick up the hormone (even tests from the same pack can have different levels of sensitivity).

I don't know what services will be open over the next few days but I would start by calling NHS Direct - I know they're useless much of the time but they may be able to advise and, if necessary, tell you to call the out of hours doctor.

In the meantime, you need to look after yourself whether or not you're pregnant. Try to do something positive to relax, even if it's just sitting and counting your breaths. When I was stressing about pregnancy stuff it really helped me to feel a bit more in control. I couldn't stop myself worrying but I could do things that were good for me and that in itself helped.

Sorry, bit of a garbled response. Hope you find out soon what's going.

xxsabxx Mon 27-Dec-10 18:31:05

hey, thank you so much 4 all the responses. im not pregnant i juz got my period it just wasnt meant to be. i wish you all the best and hopefully will meet u all back on here when im ready to try again. x x x x

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