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Any Nurses out there? MRSA Question

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F1rstT1meMummy Fri 24-Dec-10 14:17:08

Hi Girls

Ok - I am going to show my complete naivety and paranoia now!

We have a friends friend who is coming over tomorrow evening after they finish work for X mas evening and boxing day breakfast.

The person is a carer for someone who is in hospital, and they have MRSA, and may have to lose their leg because of it.

My question is... am I putting my baby at risk if I pick the person up from the hospital when they finish work and when they come back to ours for the evening?!?!

I currently have a UTI and a cold on its way, so feeling a little immune compromised.

Any advice would be gratefully received - as I feel really awful and horrible at the moment!! I dont want to be nasty and cant bear the thought of the person being on their own Christmas night, but batting with my worries for my baby (took us 16 months TTC!)

thanks all

Merry Christmas too and wishing all mummies and bumps a happy and healthy 2011!!!


sh77 Fri 24-Dec-10 16:10:16

Not naive - good q. You are right to be concerned. I think get some anti-bacterial gel and explain to him your concerns.

InspectorGadget Fri 24-Dec-10 16:37:51

I came home from my cesearean with a newborn and an MRSA infection in my feet. Took 7 months to get rid of it, lost 3 toe nails and nearly had to have one toe amputated. During that 7 months I was mega paranoid about my baby getting infected but he never did, I just had to be super clean (I showered in hibiscrub for 7 months!) I never re used any towels or wore clothes more than once. Also used hibiscrub to wash my hands (it's available at boots, quite pricey but kills MRSA, not sure the hand gels do). Also keep as well as you can, take pre and pro biotics, manuka honey, that sort of thing.

And remember MRSA lives harmlessly up the noses and on the skin of 30% of the population. Perhpas you're one of them. The person with the infection is no different to someone who's skin in colonised by it really. For it to become an infection you need to be really quite immunosupressed (am thinking more so than just a wee cold etc). I was very ill during my section (went into multiple organ failure whilst on the table) and was bombarded with many many anitbiotics which is why I neded up with it as an infection.

Keep clean, don't be complacent and I'm sure you will all be fine!

MrsSnaplegs Fri 24-Dec-10 16:54:24

Probably too late on Xmas eve but there is some evidence tea tree oil is good at prevEnting spread of MRSA - many hand washes now contain some .
As an ex nurse I would hope the individual is not travelling in uniform as that increases the risk of spread but they are probably very aware of the risk of it.
I would explain your concerns very casually if you feel you need to or try being a caring friend and have a nice hot bath with some lovely warm towels available for your friend as a bit of TLC after their shift!!

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 24-Dec-10 16:55:55

Okay, in your position I would tell them I was not feeling well enough to have company.

I had a different superbug and it was dreadful.

If the person was coming from their own home having showered and changed, no problem. However they are not - you are picking them up in their work gear which could well be contaminated.

I really wouldn't do it, honestly, the risk isn't huge but as you are feeling unwell anyway, it'll make you miserable with worry.

Perhaps see them on another occasion when you are feeling better.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

InspectorGadget Fri 24-Dec-10 17:10:01

Blimey, really?? Leave someone on thier own on christmas night becuase of the teeny tiny risk of getting MRSA. There must be at least the same risk of getting MRSA from anyone in the community. I had it for 7 months and roamed the streets unchecked!

Aren't nurses supposed to change out of their uniforms before they leave the hospital? Not so they don't take home any bugs but so they don't bring them in in the first palce? In which case a good hot shower should be fine.

I;d def mention your concerns to your friend though, am sure she'll understand the worries of an anxious new mum, and she can put you at ease?

FlightoftheCrimbleTree Fri 24-Dec-10 17:21:40

Yes really. For all the very good nurses and carers out there, there is still HUGE ignorance about these bugs and a lot of HCPs do not follow the guidelines even if they are aware of them.

It isn't their fault, it's a training issue but as I said, someone coming directly from work in their work clothes and not having already showered would concern me. And I would rather make an excuse now than be faced with someone getting into my car, clearly NOT changed or showered, and having to say to them, I'm sorry but would you mind washing when we get home?

That to me would be really difficult. Especially if I wasn't feeling well already...wait till you feel stronger and less worried.

I'm sure they will not be offended if you tell them you are ill; they might be if you ask them to wash.

F1rstT1meMummy Fri 24-Dec-10 18:57:30

Wow - thanks everyone. I am new to mumsnet and wasnt expecting such a great response!!

My hubby text my friend - who said she was worried about it. She mentioned it to the person coming over, who also said they were worried!!! I cannot believe everyone was worried but didn't say anything.

I think I am going to borrow my mates car to pick up the person (i'm insured) and they are going to have a shower when they get to our house I think! I have laid out some nice towels in the spare room for them :O)

I feel heaps better now, especailly knowing they wont be home on their own x mas night.

Thanks again everyone and Merry X Mas (hope Santa is nice to you).


MrsSnaplegs Sat 25-Dec-10 05:23:45

Hope you all have a wonderful MRSA free Christmas!

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