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goats cheese in a Waitrose prepacked salad?

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redundant Thu 23-Dec-10 17:47:24

can i eat it? does anyone know? Doesn't say anything on the label about whether its pasteurised or not.
Starving and it looks very!


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jasmine51 Thu 23-Dec-10 18:05:16

Goats cheese is a no in the NHS Pregnancy manual...not totally sure why..presumably the listeria thing.

jasmine51 Thu 23-Dec-10 18:05:53

Oh hang on, its because it is 'mould ripened' like brie...the rind apparently, thats the risk

redundant Thu 23-Dec-10 18:13:17

oh crap. thanks all.

jasmine51 Thu 23-Dec-10 20:07:46

sorry...feta is allowed...although that tastes of sheep not goat!

trixie123 Thu 23-Dec-10 20:14:58

oh god, just eat it! i didn't even know it was banned all through my first pregnancy and i have just sat an eaten pate, blue cheese, brie and salami in a kind of "fuck it" fest! If DC2 comes out with 2 heads I'll let you know! really, these things are only banned because of the minute possible chance that they are contaminated and given the strictness of food hygenie rules its FAR more likely that you'll poison yourself by undercooking something. its not like you are more susceptible when pregnant or that the risk of it being contaminated increase. If you've eaten these things for 20 years and never been ill what are the chances now?

jasmine51 Fri 24-Dec-10 09:13:05

I'll echo that...too much info just spoils the fun. Im planning a prawn cocktail fest over xmas....lalala...havent been told not to....

dikkertjedap Fri 24-Dec-10 10:10:58

Why take those risks??? I just find it so selfish and showing such a lack of self-control: it is only 9 months and after that you can stuff yourself with whatever you like.

jasmine51 Fri 24-Dec-10 17:49:14

Dik Not being reckless or selfish, just establishing fact from fiction and making informed intelligent decisions where appropriate.

trixie123 Sun 26-Dec-10 20:06:22

Dik likewise, with Jasmine - the risks associated with eating these kinds of foods are less than getting in car, walking along a slightly icy pavement etc which I imagine you will be doing. Its not reckless disregard but an informed and reasoned choice. these things are not inherently harmful to the foetus (unlike cigarettes and alcohol). Also, if you add on certain restrictions during breastfeeding months and that this is my 2nd baby in two years, its rather more than 9 months! I just hate seeing posts on here from 1st timers who get themselves in a complete state about something that really is not going to be an issue, especially if its after the fact and they've accidentally eaten something.

frikadela Tue 28-Dec-10 00:57:51

Here Here Trixie and Jasmine... Obviously while your pregnant cheese bought from a supermarket that has been through very stringent checks that you have eaten regularly for decades without adverse affects develops special powers during pregnancy and is out to get you!!!

Eat the salad. One time wont kill you, or your baby!

Want2bSupermum Wed 29-Dec-10 03:07:33

Here in the US I have been told no soft cheeses (inc goat cheese, feta, blue cheeses etc etc) and anything from the deli counter (ie pate, smoked fish, meats, salami). The risk is listeria. My obn told me 20% of pregnant ladies with listeria infections end up with a stillborn baby and the others have severe complications. A google search found this website here

As a cheese lover I ate a lot of feta, goat and queso cheese before I found out that these are on the 'do not eat' list. I was shocked at how harmful listeria is so made the decision to avoid high risk foods.

beijingaling Wed 29-Dec-10 09:19:56

It's ONLY soft cheese with mold that you can't have! If it's like feta you're fine. If it's like blue cheese then you're told not to eat it. NHS food to avoid and NHS Eating well

The risks associated with any of these things are very, very small but you're the only one who can make the decision. Those who wear judgey pants over what you choose to do in PG make me hmm

sophielouise Wed 29-Dec-10 10:32:44

It's only the mould ripened Goats cheese that's 'unsafe' OR carries the tiny risk of listeria. It's the one with the white rind. I've been eating Goats cheese thinking it's fine! Also these kinds of cheeses are fine as long as they are cooked all the way through (e.g. in a sauce etc.)

onlyjuststillme Wed 29-Dec-10 10:41:33

The other kind of goats cheese (ie no rind) are generally ok. I say this coming from the POV that I avoided for the whole of pregnancy just to be told a few weeks after I gave birth that it was pasturised DOH!!!!!

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