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Apologies for another 'is this a show' - seriously TMI

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anne74 Tue 21-Dec-10 06:43:18

I'm 34+3 and have got up this morning and as soon as I got out of bed I could feel something coming out (felt like it was pouring out of me!). Luckily I was wearing knickers as when I got to the bathroom it actually dripped onto the floor. When I looked in my knickers there was a big gloop of jelly-like stuff, a bit green with white bits in and my knickers were really wet. When I wiped there was more and then there were a couple of pink spots on the tissue.

Yesterday morning I felt like I was leaking fluid a bit but thought it was just a thin discharge. I haven't had any major discharge during the pregnancy which I've read other people talking about.

If it is a show, surely it shouldn't be this early. I had my NCT classes at the weekend and she did make clear that it doesn't mean labour is imminent but could it mean that labour is still 5-6 weeks away?

Please can someone advise?

rubyslippers Tue 21-Dec-10 07:02:50

I think you should call your MW especially if you think your waters may be leaking

Itndoes sound like a show, but it can take a long time for labour to start after one (or not)

Please get some advice asap

stainesmassif Tue 21-Dec-10 07:03:16

It sounds like a show to me. I would ring your mw first thing and arrange an appt. Doesn't mean your baby is on their way, and you don't need to panic, but definitely get yourself checked out. Take care.

anne74 Tue 21-Dec-10 07:44:52

Thanks so much for your advice. I was hoping someone would be around at this hour! I rang labour ward and they said to go in to the maternal assessment unit which opens at 8.30 and get checked out. Will let you know how I get on.

stainesmassif Tue 21-Dec-10 10:00:43

Yes, fingers crossed for you, keep us posted.

anne74 Tue 21-Dec-10 10:20:36

Just finished at MAU. Confirmed as the mucus plug. Cervix checked and still closed. Was put on the monitor and baby was very sleepy for a while but did eventually wake up. Saw a few contractions but they're not concerned. Advised me to go back if waters go (but said they would go as a gush which I know might not be the case so will keep an eye on that), if any bleeding which isn't in the mucus or if I get regular tightenings. The doctor seemed to think I could still go all the way to my due date.

Do you think I should prepare for an early baby just in case? It seems most people go into labour within at least a couple of weeks of the show, if not before.

All a bit nervewracking as my husband would have noone to cover him at work before mid-Jan.

anne74 Tue 21-Dec-10 10:21:36

Oh and apparently I'm 4/5ths engaged

stainesmassif Tue 21-Dec-10 12:04:23

I would start preparing anyway, as the next six weeks will fly by, and as you get closer to your edd you'll be knackered and won't feel like doing much anyway. If you're anything like me.
Don't worry about going into labour early, it's still not very likely, and the dr / mw would have made sure you were aware if it was a genuine risk.
Take it easy and make your dh do everything.

beckie90 Tue 21-Dec-10 15:46:31

hi anne74, hope your ok, i know how u feel, im only 23+2 and 2 weeks ago i got what to me looked like a show slightly greenish with bits of white n clear, and also pink n brown blood streaks in it, went straight to hospital they said, if it was slightly green then it wasnt my show, prob an infection, had some swabs which came back i didnt have an infection, ive had bits come away everyday since now, and today had pink blood in it again. i really feel like there taking no notice of me and im so terrified. i tryed to book in and see my doctor instead but cannot get me in till 6th of january.its so stresful

anne74 Tue 21-Dec-10 18:33:00

Is it wrong to feel a bit down this evening? I think in a way I was hoping that the show meant that things might happen soon. I know I only have a few weeks to go and there is so much still to do before he comes but it feels like a bit of an anticlimax.

Obviously I don't want this little boy to come out until he's cooked but I just thought for a moment that it might be sooner than I expected and now I just feel a bit miserable :-( I know in my heart that it's much better that he wait for a bit so that I can make sure we're a bit more ready and we can welcome him into the world in a slightly more organised fashion.

This probably sounds really daft...

Beckie sorry it's all a bit stressful for you at the moment. Nothing's straightforward in pregnancy is it??!!

bettywobble Tue 21-Dec-10 18:37:22

Beckie, I had the same thing (green tho, not with blood) and they said it was some of my mucus plug hich can grow back, but they said if you take pregnacare it can make it green, if that helps any??

Crystylline Tue 21-Dec-10 18:44:57

Hi Anne,

I'm in exactly the same position as you and 34+6. Have been having a show for three days with BH.

midwife came out today and no sign of imminent labour, so been told to carry on as normal - just watch for waters breaking or contractions.

i also feel the same as you about it!

just trying to distract myself preparing for xmas instead.

have a good xmas and hope all is well for you and your bump.

rubyslippers Tue 21-Dec-10 18:46:43

Anne - glad all is ok

Just make the most of the next few weeks

Rest up

beckie90 Fri 24-Dec-10 15:36:22

well i changed doctors, and got an appointment at the new surgery for straight away, the doctor told me i was loosing my plug, but not to worry as it does regenerate which i knew, still abit worrying though been so early, i was 41 weeks when i started loosing it with ds

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