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40 weeks + 6 days....anyone else overdue atm ?

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Violet5 Mon 20-Dec-10 20:55:09

Just of to watch tv in bed now the kids are all in bed but just thought i'd post this and check back tomorrow.
Baby is now 6 days, almost 7 late.
I should be used to late babies and waiting really (as 4 of my 5 babies have been late)but as Xmas is just days away now i feel much more up in the air this time.
So i just wondered who else on here might be overdue now and waiting ?
I've invited my parents here for xmas day but not sure what to do re visiting PIL or inviting them here boxing day as i've no idea when baby might arrive or when/if i might be induced.

Just thought it'd be nice to hear of anyone else overdue smile
I'm so hoping baby comes by himself and i don't end up being induced as i have 3 times before.

trytobebrave Mon 20-Dec-10 21:06:45

Me! 41+2 with dc2. Induction booked for Friday and so sad at the thought of being in hospital and missing Christmas with my ds. Do you have an induction date?

Violet5 Tue 21-Dec-10 11:52:57

Hi, sorry to hear you're booked in on Friday, fingers crossed baby arrives before then for you, if not then i guess you'll have a lovely baby brother or sister for your ds to meet and for you to bring home on xmas day unless you need to stay in.

I haven't got an induction date yet, my midwife has been on annual leave past week, she's back today and had said i'd probably see her today but i haven't heard anything !
I should probably contact her tbh but baby is moving fine and i'm hoping to avoid being induced if possible (just because of previous experiences). If i've not heard from her by Thursday then i'll give her a ring Friday.

Hoping we'll have both had our babies by then but otherwise i imagine i'll be booked in a day or two after you !

Best of luck with everything smile

everybodysang Tue 21-Dec-10 13:46:57

yes! 40+6 today and going out of my mind because I've been having contractions on and off since 4am on Saturday - I don't really mind being a bit late but I just want some sleeeeeeeeeep.

Violet5, how late were your other babies? Were you induced with them or did they just eventually arrive?

Violet5 Tue 21-Dec-10 15:32:14

Hi, at least you're having contractions smile thats more than me !

My first was induced 14 days after due date, second was induced 10 days after due date, my third was induced 9 days after due date. My 4th was a total suprise as he arrived almost 2 weeks early.
My 5th was between 9 and 11 days late i think naturally.
My natural/spontaneous labours were definately the best and the shortest although i know we're all different. I know lots of people with positive experineces of being induced..i'm just not one of them so i've really got my fingers crossed that this last baby comes of his own accord. I have literally tried everything, pineapple, reflexology,curries, long walks....i'm even contemplating standing in the garden tonight rubbing my belly infront of tonights full moon, although my husband would think i'd finally lost the plot grin

Hope your contractions lead to full labour very soon, even if i am quite jealous smile

trytobebrave Wed 22-Dec-10 05:11:41

I'm jealous of contractions too! Hope they have led to a baby now though. Well 40+11 here and no signs of anything. I'm dreading the induction now. How are you both?

Violet5 Wed 22-Dec-10 08:42:28

Hi trytobebrave, 2 days before you're booked in then, keeping my fingers crossed for you your baby makes it before then.
If you do have to be induced yours might be a good experience, i know lots of people who have had good experiences of being induced. The date is rubbish though isn't it with having wanted xmas with your son.
I guess we'll just both be hoping our babies arrive before we're induced.
My midwife is comming out about 5pm today and wants me to have another sweep in a last ditch attempt. Otherwise i could be booked in anytime very soon as my obs doesn't like me going to far overdue (my first child was born with a v rare condition so they're quite cautious with me going to late).
I've no signs or symptoms of imminent labour as of yet though, guess i'll see what midwife thinks later (although 5pm with husband at work and 5 children at home is not a good time of day to be having a sweep !)typical.
Hope you're doing ok,keep us posted smile
and everybodysang hope baby is here or labour is going well by now smile

cmfo Wed 22-Dec-10 10:07:31

41 + 2. I was 42 +1 with my first so I think I just have a 42 week gestation.
Why are you all getting induced? Is it cos you are fed up?
I thought something was happening last night, but no...
I too am worried about a Christmas day birthday, although it's a crap birthday any time around now anyway I suppose- poor kid!

Violet5 Wed 22-Dec-10 10:20:17

Hi, i'll be getting induced once i go 12 days over aparently (am 8 at the min) because of past history, not because i want to or just because i'm fed up...which i am though smile

Good luck with everything, hope your baby comes soon, as you say Xmas day isn't a great birthday but then anytime around Decembers probably not to great i wouldn't have thought. I might give this little one a kind of half birthday in June near mine...if people don't find that to potty grin

cmfo Wed 22-Dec-10 10:25:04

Ah I see - sorry to question that, must get fed up of that!
I also thought about giving them a different birthday, does seem a little unfair otherwise.
Good luck

Violet5 Wed 22-Dec-10 10:40:10

Thats ok smile good luck to you too, fingers crossed we'll all have all babies very soon smile

Violet5 Mon 27-Dec-10 14:10:15

Just to say thankyou to those of you on this thread, hope your babies are here or almost, my little boy Benjamin James arrived Xmas eve. Hope you've all had a lovely Xmas smile

trytobebrave Mon 27-Dec-10 20:18:08

Congratulations Violet! My dd arrived safely on 22nd, a very speeedy 2 hour labour the day before I was due to go in to be induced. Best wishes to everyone.

Violet5 Tue 28-Dec-10 20:29:15

Thankyou and Congratulations to you toosmile, wow 2 hours is speedy ! Hope you all had a lovely xmas.

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