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Am I likely to miscarry?

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julybutterfly Mon 20-Dec-10 18:47:43

Last AF was 24th October. We only had sex once that month (7th November), I had a +ve test on 18th November. However, I went for a scan 10 days ago (6+4) but there wasn't much there. Went back again today and even though they were happy seeing that it's had 10 days growth in 10 days (fetal pole and heartbeat were present) they've said I'm only 6 weeks. This means I had a +ve test before I was pregnant!

Has this happened to anyone else? DH is so pleased but I just don't understand how I got a +ve before I had supposedly conceived.

fallingandlaughing Mon 20-Dec-10 19:21:29

Maybe they mean 6 weeks since conception (8 weeks by standard description)? Most important thing is that there is heartbeat and growth. Did you ask about the apparent discrepancy? Did they say how big the foetus was?

Petalouda Tue 21-Dec-10 16:40:47

My sister went for her 12 weeks scan and was put back to 9 weeks. From what she's said I'm convinced that her dates were right, and we were fully expecting her baby to arrive 'early'. He came a week before her due date, in the end!

I know the exact date we conceived, but my dates were moved forward a week.

I think there must be some flexibility about when and how quickly an embryo/blastocyst develops early on. Although I suspect there's not a lot of literature on the subject.

I'm sure I remember reading/learning about other species who can conceive and then maintain an embryo in a constant state until they reach favourable conditions (usually solitary/migratory species who might not meet a mate at the most opportune moment).

Either way, you have a good looking embryo that the docs are happy with. And this might mean you're less likely to go overdue?!

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