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Hospital bag......

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MissCKitty Mon 20-Dec-10 16:57:51

I know this has been done to death thread wise but I so can't get my act together. Am 34 weeks and am due to have a growth scan on 4th Jan which could mean I get induced in about 3 weeks time. I need a definitive list of what I will and won't need in my hospital bag. Stuff for me and then what I'll need for baby too. Please help me get my head round this..... Think I am in denial grin

carocaro Mon 20-Dec-10 18:08:15

facial wipes for you to freshen up

lip balm - my lips got very dry with all the panting

and body lotions and face cream, the wards seem to be do friggin hot and you dry out!

sucky sweety, like hard boiled ones, sugar and keep your mouth from drying out

hard bands and grips, the first time my hair drove me mad, I despatched DH off to the shop to get me some grips! 2nd time around I was prepared.

Can't think of anything else.

Mind you DS1 was 5 weeks early and born in 3 hours and all I have with me was DH and my handbag and all was well. MIL and FIL and friends brought me everthing I needed from the shops and home.

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