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Does anyone else find being pregnant aredibly boring?

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Mmmaa Sat 18-Dec-10 22:58:33

Don't get me wrong I am excited and love that little person inside of me to bits, BUT...I'm so bored!

I'm nearly 17 weeks so at the stage where not much is happening, not really any movement, a while til the next scan, no midwife appts etc, so the initial constant excitement is kind of gone...

I can't do anything I would usually do to relax, can't eat some of my favourite things, am 10x more exhausted than normal, I ACHE all over...all I can do is eat, work, have warmish baths and sleep.

I am hoping it will be a bit better once I find out whether I'm having a boy or a girl and can start buying a few bits and bobs, and when I start to get proper kicks....until then I'll just have to sit around and wait hmm

Mmmaa Sat 18-Dec-10 22:59:04

and that was supposed to say incredibly...not aredibly!

LoopyLoopsOfSparklyFairyLights Sat 18-Dec-10 22:59:53

Not sure what aredibly (incredibly??) means, but I also find it boring, stifling and a general pain in the arse.

LoopyLoopsOfSparklyFairyLights Sat 18-Dec-10 23:00:12


NotNowBernardImStuffingTheBird Sat 18-Dec-10 23:01:10

Yes, I found it a bit of a drag I must say

doozle Sat 18-Dec-10 23:01:21

Oh god yes, I found it very tedious indeed. Can't say it got a whole lot better tbh, just want to warn you!

Mmmaa Sat 18-Dec-10 23:03:20

I'm nearly halfway through, which seems to have gone very fast yet very slow at the same time..hoping the next half passes a bit quicker.

RockinRobinBird Sat 18-Dec-10 23:15:06

Yep. I'm at the start, the bit where you are convinced you're making it up, yet you know that the horrible symptoms are round the corner waiting to pounce at any moment. You just don't know when...

1Catherine1 Sat 18-Dec-10 23:59:38

Hmm... well I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and am bored too. I'm lay on the sofa with my laptop on my knee and between me and the laptop is my kicking bump. Still bored though - 3 months to go till I'll have my little girl here to keep me company and stop me having time to get bored.

Mmmaa 16 weeks to now have gone really quickly for me at least. Once the pregnancy fatigue lifted slightly and before my belly started to feel heavy (that's only just started) I would say pregnancy felt good. I hope it goes quickly for you too and you can enjoy your second trimester.

Leilababyno1 Sun 19-Dec-10 00:17:20

I totally agree with '1Catherine1'..I am exactly the same, laptop, bump, eat, sleep...laptop etc...

I was so excited having my 20 week scan last week. All is healthy and I found out that I'm expecting a lovely baby girl...but now I'm back to feeling bored. Guess I'll just have to be patient!

LDNlady Sun 19-Dec-10 09:34:16

I have to say that up until the twelve week scan I wasn't bored but now that's out of the way I wouldn't even know I was pg. I'm 15+4 now and other than the fact that I'm sleepy and can't drink alcohol I don't feel any different and I wonder why everyone else around me is more excited than me. Maybe once the bump appears and I had the 20 week scan that will change but right now I just feel like I'm a little more lardy than I was before!

bananarama05 Sun 19-Dec-10 11:57:34

I'm with everyone on this one!

16 weeks yesterday and like others have said I don't feel the slightest bit "pg" just tired, grumy, spotty and achey. All I seem to have done is moan for the last 4 months!

Anyone else finding time seems to have slowed down to the most ridiculous speed since they found out they were pg?

Mmmaa Sun 19-Dec-10 13:13:29

Yeah time is going sooo slowly atm, especially seeing as I seem to judge what time it is by what I'm watching on tv that's so dull!

TooImmature2BMum Sun 19-Dec-10 16:52:38

Same here. I got all excited at the 6 month point and then the reality of still having 3 months to wait kicked in. Three months is ages! I'm 29+3, so I could still have about 13 weeks to go - there is no point in getting excited yet.

Bonsoir Sun 19-Dec-10 16:55:22

Yes, being pregnant is frightful. But it all gets better terribly fast once the baby is out of there!

thefurryone Sun 19-Dec-10 17:11:18

So glad it's not just me who feels this way! At 22 weeks I can't believe I'm only just over half way there.

I'm also in a bit of a grump about all the christmas partying and drinking that is going on around me. I mean I know that you don't have to drink to have a good time and all that but I have about 6 or 7 events to attend between now and new year at which everyone else will be indulging. It would just be nice to get be able to get a little bit tipsy.

Mmmaa Sun 19-Dec-10 17:21:24

thefurryone i know exactly how you feel, I keep getting invited to go out and there is really nothing appealing to me about standing around watching other people get drunk, whilst drinking lemonade and nipping to the loo every half hour

I'm looking forward to xmas dinner though grin apart from the lack of delicious cheese!

autumnberry Sun 19-Dec-10 17:43:40

I'm joining you ladies. It's not ALL boring, but I would like to be able to run around in the snow without worrying about slipping, perhaps get drunk, have pre-preg-style frantic sex, re-gain my waist. Time is passing slowly and I want to meet my little baby. Good job I'm over half way.

autumnberry Sun 19-Dec-10 17:44:55

Oh yeah, ad I'd really like to eat stilton and brie

jemsy87 Sun 19-Dec-10 17:50:38

OMG so glad I found this post!! I feel soooo bad for feeling like this and I know it will all be worth it in the end and I am very lucky to be able to carry a child but I am so OVER being pregnant!! I am 28+3 here is my list of things I am bored of in pregnancy ( you can tell I am also bored in general as I am making a list lol)

1) Constant horrible heartburn

2) Being so fat I cannot even get out of the bath or put my shoes on/off on my own

3) Feeling completely frumpy as nothing bloody fits and the stuff that does fit is well not exactly glamourous!

4) Being constantly tired and grumpy

5) excrutsiating Sciatica

6) Hating any slightly attractive/skinny woman I see and then accusing DP of 'perving' even if his not looking ( poor sod) lol

7) not be able to eat what I want and having to google anything that I am not sure about

8) Being completely pissed off about the above and not being able to Drink/Smoke ( I know its a disgusting habbit but would be really helpful in times of stress)

Sorry about the big FAT moan ladies other as you can tell I am not having fun atm- But as I said I know its all worth it and cannot wait to have my gorgeous little girl at the end of it all only 12+ weeks to go!! xxx

Mmmaa Sun 19-Dec-10 18:12:27

jemsy I agree 100% with number 8...I quit as soon as I found out and since then have had a number of veryyyyy stressful incidents when all I want is a fag and to go round to my mums for a glass (or 3) of wine!

Petalouda Mon 20-Dec-10 16:03:05

26+3, sleeplessness has set in, roll on March

bonnymiffy Tue 21-Dec-10 11:58:56

at 16 weeks I'm fed up of the revolting taste in my mouth that only goes temporarily if I'm eating something... I'm not showing yet so no sympathy from people in general, but having looked at other threads it seems you don't get that anyway. I'm fed up of being very tired alot of the time (evenings, which the time I have with DH, is really annoying as work is getting the more "quality time", that sucks!) Still, now I've got the scan pictures to look at it does seem more real.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Tue 21-Dec-10 12:01:28

Yup. It's just a means to an end for me.

Highlandgirl Tue 21-Dec-10 12:12:18

9 weeks left for me and i'm SOOOOO over it.....! Tried already and bump hasn't even arrived yet.

Sleepless nights and kick kick kick...some of which are bloody hard. Horrid heartburn and a sore bellybutton.

Just want it to arrive so I can have more than 2 drinks at once.....and enjoy them. smile

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