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please help me curb my health anxiety!

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lucybrad Thu 16-Dec-10 12:30:23

Basically I am having an ELCS on christmas eve, however both of my children ae ill with a flu like illness. Now I worry at the best of times, but now I have blown everything out of proportion and am convinced of the following.

1. Hubby will get it and not be able to come to the elcs with me.
2. I will get it and become very ill.
3. I will get it and the baby will become ill in utero.
4. The baby will be born, and then get it and become ill.
5. I will get it, have the baby and then become very ill and die.

Everyone round here seems to be ill, and it seems to last at least a week. DT1 started it last night, and DT2 has had it for 4 days.

I know I am beig silly and I cant change anything, but I am screwing myself up with worry.

PaigeTurner Thu 16-Dec-10 12:46:43

I'm in the same boat (even down to the ELCS on Xmas Eve). I have anti bac handwash on me at all times and make sure everyone who comes in the house uses it. I'm also wearing gloves if I have to go out.

I'm sure you will be fine - if the worst came to the worst, could you go off and get the flu jab at the GP before your elcs?

lucybrad Thu 16-Dec-10 14:56:36

well thats the funny thing, we have all (except DH) had the flu jab, but I checked on the internet and it says you are immune in 70-90% of cases, meaning there is a possible 30% chance I might not be immune. Or the boys have got another virus which isnt flu but is still nasty!! arghh dribving myself nuts (which is probably a displacement activity over fears for the birth!)

juliec26 Thu 16-Dec-10 15:05:53

I recently posted about my fears over birth and awful things that might happen - and got some good advice that I will share with you. Sit down, take a deep breath and relax, concentrate on today and try not to think about next week - Enjoy the remaining week of having a bump as once its gone they are missed. The chances of things going wrong are really small so concentrate on positives. Go and look at your babys clothes etc and focus on seeing his/hers face when they are born and holding your baby and introducing baby to your other DC - You are taking all the precautions you can to stop your self getting ill - I know someone who recently cancelled her elcs due to having a chest infection as it happened she went into labour that night so had to have her cs even though she felt rotten, both her and baby are totally fine - when you thing of something negative, get up and clean a room, make cakes with your other dc - distract your mind! All will be fine and what a lovely christmas present

lucybrad Thu 16-Dec-10 15:32:39

thanks julie thats really good advice.

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