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What to do now-SPD or just loosening pubic bone?

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flowerfairy Thu 16-Dec-10 10:32:24

Am 29+5 weeks and have had pain in my pubic bone for a good few weeks, but have been trying to take care and rest whenever possible. I also slipped on something on the floor at work and overstretched one of my legs at about 18 weeks and wondered if this is just my joints loosening.
Asked the midwife on tues about pain as it really hurts when turning over in bed or stepping out of shower and drying feet. She said i had to go and ask the gp to be referred for physio. HAve just got back from gp who says it's just my pubic bone loosening and he won't refer me.
Should i go back or just carry on with my moving my feet and legs together for getting in and out of bed/car/etc. Is there any other self help things i could do? Had asked my sister, as she had spd in 2nd pg, but she says hers was all in her hips and back, whereas mine is all in my pubic bone and it feels like someone has kicked me between my legs.
Just to get this off my chest as well-the gp was writing some email while he was supposed to be dealing with me-I don't think it was a work related one either!

systemsaddict Thu 16-Dec-10 10:37:27

This makes me really cross, GP clearly with no understanding of SPD - 'just' loosening pubic bone indeed, my SPD was absolutely pain as you describe between my legs. I would see someone else and get referred, physio can't do much but can give you a support belt which can make a lot of difference. Tell your midwife too. Surprised mw can't refer you, mine did. Do stick with keeping feet and legs together etc but this isn't going to go away and a support belt from physio would help. If you can afford it, going to see an osteopath or chiropractor could help esp. if you can find one with experience of treating this. Loads of SPD support threads on here if you search too. Good luck.

LittleB Thu 16-Dec-10 10:42:26

Doesn't sounds like your GP is very good. The first consultant I mentioned about my painful back said 'well thats pregnancy!'. Thankfully I got gp referral for carpel tunnel syndrome in my wrists and that physio then referred me for my back which was diagnosed as spd and pgp.
I would carry on keeping your legs together whenever possible, sleep with a duvet folded underneath you, under your sheet, put pillows between your legs and I like one in the small of my back too. I had some excercises to do which helped a little, but you really need a physio to explain that. Perhaps give it another week or so then see your gp again and try for a referral again. Is it affecting your work, mine was (have stopped work now as I'm 38wks) play on this with them.
SPD is your pubic bone loosening, but loosening too much. Did he physically examine your pubic bone as my physio does this and manipulates it, and my pelvis and back to get it all back into the right position.
Perhaps you could try and see another gp? Sounds like a physio could help you.

flowerfairy Thu 16-Dec-10 10:47:29

He did have a quick press but felt my tummy more-which of course isn't where the pain is at all. Thanks for all of your suggestions i do try to sleep with apillow between my legs but find it make me too hot and my sleep is rather disturbed atm so am constantly changing positions so find it hard to keep moving with the pillow without waking dh

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