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5+5 today found out yesterday reassurance needed

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TinyDiamond Thu 16-Dec-10 09:19:42

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can put my mind at rest.

I just got my first BFP yesterday at 5+4 (by date of lmp) and am absolutely elated. We have been trying for 10 months and were starting to worry that something was wrong. I also had a chemical pg last month that I didn't actually realise about for a while (long story)

I am usually such a level headed person and rarely worry but I am now worrying that something bad is going to happen as I have had alot of spotting throughout the month. Haven;t had anything for last 2 days but before that had a mixture of pink, brown and red spots on and off for ages. I have also had lots of cramps, twinges, mild shooting pains on left side and have been poorly and every time I cough or n=sneeze it sort of tugs and is painful.

What shall I do???

Any advice at all appreciated

TD x

bluefootedpenguin Thu 16-Dec-10 09:38:50

Hi. Firstly I would try not to worry too much - easier said than done, I know! With my first pregnancy I had a lot of bleeding at the beginning for which a cause could not be found, despite a visit to the epu. Everything was fine and bleeding is very common. With my second child I didn't realise I was pregnant and thought the pains were ovulation pains and premenstrual cramps, again everything was fine. Light spotting isn't unusual and you get lots of niggly pains all through pregnancy which I was completely unaware of first time round. I would see your gp for a general chat and ask for an epu appointment, usually about 6-7 weeks, and that will give you some reassurance. If you should get a lot of pain you need to contact your gp asap as they will want to check you out. Bare in mind that the spotting could be implantation bleeding and nothing to worry about. HTH.

TinyDiamond Thu 16-Dec-10 10:20:49

Hi, thanks for your response I really appreciate it. I guess I am just worrying as I can't seem to get myself off the net googling EVERYTHING at the moment. I was under the impression that implantation bleeding would've been much earlier than now, I guess the early spotting could indeed have been that but the later stuff was a mixture of colours including red so that's what started me worrying. When I see the doc can I ask for an epu referral straight away?

bluefootedpenguin Thu 16-Dec-10 13:31:04

Well based on my LMP dates I was nearly a month overdue with DS. Unless you know exactly when you ovulated LMP isnt always an accurate date for when you may have conceived especially if you haven't got a 28 day cycle or don't ovulate around day 14. Implantation bleeding is about a week after fertilisation I think but my bleeding started at 5 weeks, with a huge gush while I was teaching a class of teenagers, I bled for 3 weeks, all colours, consistencies and quantities and then it just stopped. You may be able to self refer to your epu, so you could give them a ring. If you have been experiencing pain and bleeding they should see you. Bare in mind that before 7 weeks a heartbeat is rarely traceable and if there may be some uncertainty with your dates then there may be little to see. I would ring and ask, I know I had to wait til 7 weeks but they may be keener to see you as you have had some pain. Fingers crossed.x

TinyDiamond Thu 16-Dec-10 14:10:08

Thanks for that. Just called my GP, they can't get me in until Monday and that is to see a nurse but hopefully I will be able to stay calm(ish) until then. A friend of mine dealt with the local EPU (I'm in Leicester) and said they are reluctant to scan before 7 weeks anyway. Pain seems to have subsided today so fingers crossed things are ok. Still hasn't sunk in tbh. I am also a teacher and keep dreading something happening at work. At least we have 2 weeks off! xx

SpannerPants Thu 16-Dec-10 19:01:05

I had a scan at what I thought was 6 weeks because I was getting a lot of pain but I was only 5 weeks so they couldn't see a lot - be prepared to have an internal scan (doesn't hurt).

They asked me to go back back 10 days later and it was 7+2 with a good heartbeat grin

This was at Leicester EPU and the nurses were wonderful - really reassuring and caring.

Good luck!

TinyDiamond Thu 16-Dec-10 20:42:19

Thanks so much! Did you go to the Royal or the General??

Funnily enough it turns out baby brain has kicked in much quicker than I thought and I must be 5 weeks tomorrow rather than 6. Got my dates totally wrong even with counting my finger on a calendar! I only realised this an hour ago too. Silly brain even the most simple tasks have been difficult today. I can only assume that it'll get progressively worse.

So I'm guessing even if I did see them they wouldn't do a scan yet anyway, oh well will call them when they are open tomorrow x

SpannerPants Thu 16-Dec-10 21:24:41

I went to the General - didn't have a choice as GP just referred me for the next available appointment. They might do an internal scan - when I went they emphasised that they might not see anything and if that happened I'd have to go back.

My major baby brain moment this week was accidentally ticking the "yes" box to the health questionnaire in the maternity notes by accident - these included "have you had female circumcision" and "do you take illegal drugs". I certainly made an impression when I met the midwife! blush

TinyDiamond Thu 16-Dec-10 21:28:47


I have had internal scans before so I know they aren't too bad. I just want to get in there to know that things are ok. Since getting home from work I have done the absolute minimum today so hopefully if I carry on doing that I'll be ok?

The waiting game is killing me

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