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Purflo mattress - too soft?

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bankholiday Wed 15-Dec-10 09:42:27

We're thinking about buying a Purflo mattress for our baby when he is born in February. Everyone seems to be raving about them, however having watched the video on their website, it looks like the mattress is a bit too soft, it doesn't seem to support the baby's spine too well. Do you ladies have any experience of this? I am very tempted by the fact that they are washable, and hollow, so there is no space for nasty germs to breed on, but I want to make sure the baby's spine will be well supported.


NonnaDeb Thu 16-Dec-10 09:19:01

We bought a PurFlo mattress for our grandson and both her and our daughter love it. As with TIA my attraction was that is was fully breathable, fully washable.

The tension of the sleep surface is easily adjustable by just pulling the straps tighter or leaving them loser, so you adjust to suit what you think is most comfortable for you baby.

Jollyjane2 Thu 16-Dec-10 18:03:12

My youngest (18 months) is still sleeping on the PurFlo mattress we bought for our older (middle) daughter and it's still firm and supportive despite being washed on numerous occasions.

One of the attractions of the mattress for us was not only the fact that it could be washed, but because we could safely pass it down to our next baby. We bought a normal cot mattress for our son (our first) and were advised that it isn't recommended to pass down because of fungus that can grow in the filling of normal mattresses and the risks assocated with it. Had we known about PurFlo then we could have saved ourselves the cost of another mattress - ho hum!

I can honestly say I wouldn't sleep Stephanie on anything else now. In fact, we even take the mattress with us when we go on holiday! (it folds up really small).

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