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Heartburn = A Girl...?

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Highlandgirl Tue 14-Dec-10 22:17:43

I've been having really bad heartburn for a few weeks now, started from about 26 weeks (ish) Today a friend mentioned that it's likely that I'm having a girl..? (don't know the sex)

Is this just another old wives wink tale or is there some truth in it? Should mention my friend has had 2 girls, heartburn with both!!

Thanks smile

thisisyesterday Tue 14-Dec-10 22:19:06

old wives tale

hideous heartburn with all 3 of my pregnancies

i have 3 boys

wigglesrock Tue 14-Dec-10 22:21:49

I've had 2 girls, crippled with heartburn with one, never bothered with it with dd2!!!Have had mild heartburn a few times with current pregnancy and don't know what I'm having!!

But heartburn = a hairy baby - Fact wink

MogTheForgetfulCat Tue 14-Dec-10 22:28:23

I have shocking heartburn, am pg with DC3 who is...a boy (my third). Heartburn just means your stomach is being squashed by the baby - oh, and all the relaxin makes the sphincter around the top of your stomach relax, so that heartburn more likely (I think that's right, seem to recall reading it somewhere...)

MarniesMummy Tue 14-Dec-10 22:29:59

Well, you've a 50% chance of being right!grin

JingleJulezbooBells Tue 14-Dec-10 22:32:28

Old wives tale. I had hideous heartburn with my 2 boys and this pregnancy which is a 3rd boy

Hairy baby rings true though, DS2 was born with a full head of hair. DS1 was 9 weeks prem so hairy all over...

thisisyesterday Tue 14-Dec-10 22:34:31

only one of mine was hairy too. sorry

maryz Tue 14-Dec-10 22:34:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissAnthropy Tue 14-Dec-10 22:35:08

Not true but if you squeeze a frog until its juices run freely and mix with your urine and drink it, then if your right foot tingles it's a boy, if you vomit with disgust, it's a girl. This is completely true.

Highlandgirl Tue 14-Dec-10 23:12:37

MissAnthropy (((((( laughing ))))))) brilliant.

NineLadiesDancingThroughLife Tue 14-Dec-10 23:29:46

grin MissA

Generally I think that much heartburn = probably pregnant wink

But I had terrible heartburn, and DD was like a wolf - still had fine hair all over shock. And she was a little bit overdue!

babynelly2010 Tue 14-Dec-10 23:43:48

My mom told me about the heartburn and hairy baby, she has 3 girls, when she was pregnant with me (born with a full head of hair) she had an awful heartburn all the time, one of my sisters was very bold and the other one had a shadow, no heartburn with either of them.

freddiestarratemyhandbag Tue 14-Dec-10 23:47:57

Two girls.

Heartburn with second and not first.

Neither hairy.

TheNextMrsClaus Tue 14-Dec-10 23:50:09


Three pgs.

Drank industrial amounts of Gaviscon throughout each pg.

One boy, two girls.

All bald as coots.


hastingsmum Wed 15-Dec-10 00:06:10

Agree rubbish, have had horrible heartburn with two out of my three pregnancies (boy and girl), and not hairy either...

Highlandgirl Wed 15-Dec-10 10:16:48

smile heartburn = probably pregnant....!

Wanting to kill your husband for snoring all night = normal life...!

Udderly Wed 15-Dec-10 10:27:41

Had fierce heartburn, I was immune to gaviscon in the end, it was a girl, she was born with some hair, but not a huge amount. The heartburn went away as soon as she was born!

FindingAManger Wed 15-Dec-10 12:52:50

yes you will most certainly be having a girl grin

ps I am joking

snowmummy Wed 15-Dec-10 13:42:32

1 boy and 2 girls and I've had heartburn during all 3 pregancies.

waffle3 Wed 15-Dec-10 13:52:57

i had terible heartburn in my pregnancy i had a little boy with lots of hair

tlise Wed 15-Dec-10 15:08:54

I had bad heartburn with all 5 before now, one girl, 4 boys and none of them had loads of hair lol x

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Wed 15-Dec-10 19:46:23

I've had hideous heartburn with all 4 of my pregnancies - 2 girls and a boy (and another boy due in a few weeks).

As for hair - two slightly hairy and one as bald as anything.

Don't suffer - ask you GP to prescribe Omeprazole. It's marvellous and I wish I'd know about it with number one, rather than in the last few weeks of pregnancy number 4.

GuernseyFrench Wed 15-Dec-10 20:11:25

I was necked the bottles of Gaviscon during my pregnancy and it was a boy with a full head of hair.

Thing about heartburn = hairy baby, mine was head down during the full last trimester so how can the hairs give heartburn? (just curious grin )

Pootle78 Wed 15-Dec-10 22:38:32

I've been prescribed Peptac today for heartburn as the midwife didn't think eatting Rennie's like sweets was helping the situation!

I also thought heartburn = hairy baby!

BodleianBabe Wed 15-Dec-10 23:20:20

I was told heart burn meant baby would be born with lots of hair. Absolutely true both times (both boys though)!!!

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