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Best "substance"; to use for perineal massage?

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Moulesfrites Mon 13-Dec-10 20:28:55

Am 34 weeks now so was thinking about starting this - dh unfortunately not keen to help - but have heard different things about what to use - ranging from olive oil to ky jelly. Any suggestions?

kelly2525 Mon 13-Dec-10 20:45:49

Dear god, im over 35 weeks, and if any fucker comes near any part of my nethers, i`ll rip their fingers off and eat them

Moulesfrites Mon 13-Dec-10 20:59:49

I know Kelly but I have done a completely non- scientific survey amongst my friends and the ones who did it didn't tear whilst the rest of them did- having said that am sure someone will be along soon enough to say it didn't make any difference.

LDNlady Mon 13-Dec-10 21:03:07

I have nothing to add but Kelly that really did make me laugh out loud.

lizandlulu Mon 13-Dec-10 21:26:26

aparently almond oil is ment to be good. i bought some when i was pg with dd and it sat in the bedside table for about 3 weeks, then i had her 3 weeks early, so i dont know if its any good, but there you go grin

Moulesfrites Mon 13-Dec-10 21:26:43

Anyone else? Am keen to get started asap!

Leilababyno1 Mon 13-Dec-10 21:29:59

I have heard that pure vegetable oil is the best!

Megletitsnow Mon 13-Dec-10 21:30:57

olive oil. Can't remember if it was extra virgin or the normal stuff.

smellyfeet Mon 13-Dec-10 21:32:43

sweet almond oil from health food shop.

emsyj Mon 13-Dec-10 21:33:58

You can buy a small bottle of olive oil for, ahem, 'beauty and health' purposes in Wilkinsons for 79p. I used that but no idea if it would have helped as ended up with a crash section.

My Hypnobirthing book suggests sweet almond oil, olive oil or vitamin E oil I think. You can buy special oil for perineal massage - don't know if it's any good or what's in it as was too tight (no pun intended) to pay the extortionate price for it.

ecuse Tue 14-Dec-10 14:19:00

Haven't started yet, but I was planning to use olive oil... Not buy fancy stuff, though, just the stuff from the kitchen!

saucetastic Tue 14-Dec-10 16:37:39

You can also buy massive bottles of pure sweet almond oil for about £2.60 from asian grocery shops. Great for your face, wiped off with a steaming flannel also.

StiffyByng Tue 14-Dec-10 17:00:59

I'd like to try this but am prone to thrush. Is massage likely to set anything off?

happycamel Tue 14-Dec-10 19:27:26

I'm planning to use Johnson's Baby oil. I'm rubbing it on my bump too to keep it moisturised.

Fabulous stuff, cheap and doesn't smell of dinner!

thesecondcoming Tue 14-Dec-10 19:29:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JuneBugJr Tue 14-Dec-10 21:41:51

'Spunk' <<chokes on Cadburys Flake!>>

Surely a penis has to count as some sort of perineal massage though doesnt it <ponders the issue of willy size with this one>. I have heard that regular sex during pregnancy helps.

Before I kill the thread, Id say sweet almond oil. Only because Im not sure I could look at olive oil in the same way again.

smoggii Wed 15-Dec-10 04:41:45

I was talking about this with my very good (also pregnant) friend when she said 'I don't use olive oil in my you think it's ok to use Frylight?'

I nearly pee'd myself laughing!

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