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Need some reassurance

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jollyjester Sun 12-Dec-10 20:39:57

First post on mumsnet and its a bit long winded sorry!

Found out yesterday I am 4 weeks with DC1 and hubby and i are so excited but decided not to tell people until 12 weeks as lots can go wrong.

This morning I crashed DHs car into a telegraph pole wrecking car completely and snapping the pole but managed to walk away with bad bruising and a broken nose. I am now just waiting to see if wee bean has survived but not really sure what to do as its gonna be a long few weeks. Ive had no stomach pains and apart from a BFP no other symptoms but had been TTC for a few months so thats why I tested.

Just looking some support as no one else knows.
Sorry about length!

MissCKitty Sun 12-Dec-10 20:48:55

Am no expert but in the early weeks little bean is vvvv well protected in there so I would say imo everything is more than likely ok. smile Keep us posted x

WriterofDreams Sun 12-Dec-10 20:51:58

Ooh sorry to hear about your accident, it sounds very scary

Did you go to the hospital after the accident? If you did you should have told them you were pregnant and they would have checked you up thoroughly to make sure there was no signs of miscarriage. It's too early to do a scan but they could have used other ways to check you.

Other than that, you can do another pregnancy test to make sure your hormone levels aren't dropping and you can get an early scan at about 7 weeks. All of these things should reassure you

cyberjules Sun 12-Dec-10 20:52:24

I'm sure everything will be fine - I was in kind of in the same situation and the paramendic/nurse said that the baby at this stage is so low down behind ur pelvis bone that it is very very unlikely that any harm would have coem becasue of the crash. :-) although get it checked out if you can - although I wasn't able to get a scan even tho I had stomach pains they would only give me a scan if I started to bleed...

HighFibreDiet Sun 12-Dec-10 20:58:58

I think you can go to the GP, explain your concerns and ask for a referral to the nearest Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) where they can do a vaginal scan to check if everything is okay. It may be another postcode lottery, but I have had scans at a pretty early stage for nothing worse than uncertain dates. Plus, where I lived when I was pregnant with ds1, there was a walk-in clinic on Sat mornings so no-one from work had to know about my pregnancy until I wanted to tell them. Although if you did have a week-day appt you would probably be able to link it to the accident without anyone being suspicious.

Sorry to hear about your crash and I hope everything turns out fine.

jollyjester Sun 12-Dec-10 22:37:25

Thank you so much for all your posts, fingers crossed will make a trip to GP tomorrow and see what I can do.

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