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9 weeks, feel bloated,and belly tender

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mummycooper Sat 11-Dec-10 13:32:44

i keep getting the feeling like i have bad wind which i cant pass. getting crampy feelings also, and when i have a bowel movement its bloody hard to pass and sore so i feel constipated alot. i also get dinner time sickness, not morning sickness. i go to eat a healthy dinner like spuds meat and veg and cant eat opting for comfort food like a sandwich crisps and buiscuit. im so gunna abe the size of a house when my wee one is due

Anyone around 9 weeks feeling the same as me let me know.

Mummy cooper x

Nicplus1and1baking Sat 11-Dec-10 13:59:09

i am 9 weeks on monday and could have wrote your post myself lol although i have all day sickness at the mon sad

I cant seem to eat any kind of proper food, opting for pringles or toast at 9pm grin

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