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Quiet baby = labour imminent?

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goodlifemummy Sat 11-Dec-10 12:56:14

Hi there

I am 39 weeks tomorrow. The last 2 days I have had a very quiet baby. Getting 10 movements a day, but just wondered if babies go quiet before labour?

Did think it might kick off last night, really felt like bubba had ebgaged, I was walking like John Wayne - very uncomfortable. But woke up this morning and felt normal (ish!) again.

Have been bouncing, curry tonight and maybe even <whispers> The Last Resort wink I am just SO over it all now.

Just keen for any reassurance that bubba may go a bit quiet.

Thanks x

me23 Sat 11-Dec-10 13:46:04

Any reduction in movements needs to be checked out if baby normally moves a lot move than 10 times then suddenly moves less you need to call mw.

How Many Kicks should I feel each day?

It is NOT recommended to suggest 10 fetal movements per day is “normal”. What is normal for 1 baby is not the same for others.
The N.I.C.E. Guidelines suggest “Any changes in fetal movements should be reported to a Midwife”.
So try to recognise your Baby’s movements patterns by making notes every few days from around 20 weeks. It’s difficult in the early weeks as baby’s movements vary so much. But our advice is to always follow your instinct; if you have an uneasy feeling, something isn’t right – call your midwife.
Your baby is an individual, follow your instinct….. If you’re worried at all – Make that call.

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Sat 11-Dec-10 13:51:11

Second what me23 says babies that have gone quiet need checking out.Hopefully she has just moved into a position where you feel less moves.

lucybrad Sat 11-Dec-10 14:57:29

third that, get yourself checked out on a monitor, im sure all will be well, but its better to check. Midwifes are used to this and really dont mind.

nicm Sat 11-Dec-10 15:21:28

ds did this, he didn't move the whole day before i went into labour. i called the hospital and went in to be monitored and was in the early stages of labour. but i would go and get checked just to be safe if i were you. the midwife said she would rather people came in for a check than sit at home worrying. good luck!

goodlifemummy Sat 11-Dec-10 17:53:04

Thanks everyone, I did go in and get checked, my last pg was twins delivered at 34 weeks due to pre-eclampsia so this is new territory for me. Trace was fine, I couldn't feel a lot of the kicks though (anterior placenta) but had at least 8 braxton hicks during the half hour I was hooked up for! They also checked my bp and urine and found protein+1 and something else so its been sent off. Really glad I went in, they could not have been lovelier.

nicm Sat 11-Dec-10 18:36:47

ah good, glad you went in. hopefully not too much longer to wait, i'm due 20th and starting to get impatient too!

me23 Sat 11-Dec-10 20:27:04

Glad everything is ok! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile

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