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Lifting at boss says I have to...

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misfitmum Sat 11-Dec-10 08:36:25

hi...sorry long story

i work in a nursery and when i first got pg i knew i had to tell my boss soon as i was lifting and carrying babies all day long (into highchairs/onto changing table/general lifting/carrying/comforting etc) as well as bending low over very low tables and sinks etc.

in my first pg i had a lot of lower back pain but also kept pulling and hurting my ligaments (the ones near the bottom of my stomach, not sure what they are called!) when i did too much lifting/stretching etc

anyway, my boss did a risk assessment & decided to move me to the 2-3 room where there is less of that although sometimes it cant be avoided...

however, now that i am almost 15 weeks, she has said i am allowed to lift again as the risk has passed and is going to re-do my risk assessment. i am really confused as i thought you weren't supposed to lift throughout the pregnancy,not just at the beginning as the ligaments etc are looser until the end? i definitely had problems with them until the end last time...does anybody know where i can find info on this that i can show my boss...i have googled it but there is a lot of opinion-type info but i want to be able to say to my boss 'on the NHS website it says i shouldn't lift' or something...or should i jsut get a Doctor's note lol

sorry for the ramble!! anybody know where i can get any info?


OnEdge Sat 11-Dec-10 08:39:29

Ask your Midwife, she should sort this twat out.

NorthernLurker Sat 11-Dec-10 08:43:49

Pregant women can lift things if they want to - your issue is that repeated lifting is probably going to be very hard on your ligaments and so should be avoided. Your boss has obviously been thinking that lifting increased the chances of miscarriage hmm. She plainly doesn't understand about ligaments loosening and so I think you need to ask your GP for a note. I think you should also think about what work you think you can do though - avoiding lifting altogether is impossible in a nursery setting. It may be you need to be signed off work sick altogether.

Tarlia Sat 11-Dec-10 08:46:42

Lifting babies and toddlers is fine unless your pregnancy is high risk. Though if you are having back problems this should be taken into consideration when the risk assessment is carried out. She is being a cow - childless?

If I were you I'd book an appointment with your dr, explain your back problems and the work you do, they will probably give you a 'fit note' stating you are fine to work fulltime but lifting must be limited.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on smile

Tarlia Sat 11-Dec-10 08:48:08

Cross post with N.Lurker! great minds :P

misfitmum Thu 16-Dec-10 16:55:46

thanks guys

i haven't heard anymore from my boss but will get a doc note if need be...have had some back pain so just want to be sensible!

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