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Anyone else hate hospitals?

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bowlingball Fri 10-Dec-10 22:57:32

Hi Not far gone yet but already nervous, thing is I have had bad experiences of doctors recently and am ridiculously nervous and hate every appointment I ever have at a surgery or hospital. Every appointment I have I get worse and probably come across as really flippant and uninterested. Have loads of questions I'd like to ask the midwife but mind goes blank as I cannot wait to leave the appointment. Have had first scan and although the sonographer was lovely, i couldn't wait to get out of the room. Any ideas with how to deal with this? Don't know how bad I'll be at the end of 10 appointments.

jjkm Sat 11-Dec-10 02:13:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cadmum Sat 11-Dec-10 04:14:55

Do you have medical concerns or is it a low risk, healthy pregnancy?

Could you have a midwife come out to see you?

I share your feelings about hospitals; my blood pressure literally increases as the appointments drag on.

I agree that writing things down really helps. I also find that being honest with your care providers can help. They might be surprised to hear that it is nerves that makes you seem flippant. Try and summon the courage to tell them of your reluctance/fear.

msbossy Sat 11-Dec-10 07:20:45

My mund goes blank and i don't even dislike surgeries/hospitals so you my sympathy. Have you considered a home birth? There are no guarantees that you won't need hospital but during my last pregnancy I only went to hospital 3 times - 2 x scan and 1 x monitoring when baby stopped gymnastics for a day. There less than an hour each time. I had first and last few midwife appts at home too so even trips to local docs were few. HTH

Laska Sat 11-Dec-10 08:47:26

Sorry to hear that youre finding it so tough sad

I'm planning a home birth and have only been to hospital once for my booking in appointment (am 26w now) and the homebirth team midwife comes out to me. I find it really relaxing doing it this way. Of course you have to accept that you might need to transfer to hospital, but even if this happened, at least most of your appointments would be at home.

me23 Sat 11-Dec-10 14:05:42

even if you plan a homeirth it doesn't mean your appts won't still be at the hosptial although hb would be a great option if hopsital make you nervous as you need to be able to relax.

I'm booked for a hb yet my appt are still at the health clinic wiht everyone else, lots of hospitals don't have a specific homebirth team.

EatingAngelPie Sat 11-Dec-10 14:08:03

don't they do apppts at aclinic/ local surgery?

malso, make sure your fear goes on your notes so they tak that into consideration when they take your blood pressure.e

bowlingball Sun 12-Dec-10 09:08:35

Hi all,

Cadmum - it is a low risk preganancy.

Thanks so much for the tips, I will write a list before my next appointment.

I think my nervousness is more to do with the professionals than the buildings, so not sure that a home birth would help and not been given that option, so don't think I can in my area? Was given the option of two hospitals.

me23 Sun 12-Dec-10 11:01:50

Anyone can have a homebirth regardless of where you live it is entirely up to you, a lot of the time it isn't offered you have to tell Mw that's where you're planning to have the baby.
Good luck with your pregnancy smile

Cadmum Sun 12-Dec-10 12:01:45

bowlingball Would you consider hiring a doula? Sometimes having an advocate in your corner can help.

I wish you an event-free, healthy pregnancy.

EatingAngelPie Sun 12-Dec-10 12:45:41

a HB is a better way to encounter said professionals - you get to keep one or at most two, instead of having many in and out without a by-your-leave. and they are availale in all areas - they can't say no.

bowlingball Sun 12-Dec-10 16:47:10

Cadmum - what's a doula?

HighFibreDiet Sun 12-Dec-10 23:13:21

I agree that a homebirth is a great option and you should check it out. When pregnant with ds1 the GP suggested two different hospitals to me, and it wasn't until I was over 30 weeks pregnant that I considered homebirth as an option. I looked into the possibility and I changed from one hospital to the other so I could be visited by the team of community midwives. Nearly all the appointments from then on were in my house and it felt so much more comfortable - and the midwives seemed to have far more time for me than the previous one had, when I had been going to appointments at the doctor's surgery. I ended up having ds1 in hospital but I don't regret having booked for a home birth - and I went on to have two home births after that.

If you're interested in a doula you can find out more on

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